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Valery Dzutsev: Moscow Imposes Tighter Restrictions on Circassian ActivistsOn November 19, the Center for Combating Extremism in Adygea summoned the editor-in-chief of the Natpress news agency, Aslan Shazzo, for a talk. Shazzo recounted what transpired during his talk with the police officials, providing a rare glimpse into the mechanisms Russian officials use to suppress Circassian activists. The talk concerned recent appeals made by Circassian activists to foreign governments, asking them to recognize the Circassian "genocide" by Russia.
Опубликовал admin, 3-12-2014, 17:14

The surprising origins of Europeans and DNA of tombs in Maikop civilizationResearchers discuss new theories on human migration revealed by sophisticated DNA tests: On Tuesday, geneticists from Harvard Medical School (HMS) and the Broad Institute of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology discussed the result of preliminary investigations that suggest that an ancient civilization located between the Black and Caspian seas may have created a major group of modern languages, spanning English, German, Russian, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi.
Опубликовал admin, 29-11-2014, 06:16

Circassia: Environmental Degradation Continues in SochiDespite the severe international criticism regarding the environmental damage the 2014 Winter Olympics caused to Sochi and the surrounding nature, Gazprom continues to encroach on the Caucasus State Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The environmental degradation adds to previous cultural and political assaults which have forced Circassians from their homeland and robbed the area of its Circassian identity.
Опубликовал admin, 28-11-2014, 12:16

Caucasian Association board member banned from RussiaA board member from the Federation of Caucasian Associations, Erdogan Boz, was denied entry to Russia at Mineralnye Vody Airport in Stavropol Krai, southwest Russia, on Tuesday. According to a statement released on the federation's website, Boz arrived at the airport on Tuesday to attend a convention on the Circassian language. However, he was not allowed to pass through customs and was forced back to Turkey.
Опубликовал admin, 17-11-2014, 00:11

Rare illustration of a Circassian Diplomatic Mission in London in 1862In 1862, in a last ditch effort to garner support for their increasingly difficult struggle against the Russian encroachment into their country, a Circassian diplomatic delegation headed by the Shapsugh Prince Hassan Khusht was dispatched to England by the Great and Free Assembly (established in June 1861 by the Shapsugh, Abzakh, and Ubykh, following a national meeting in Sochi to restructure civil administration and reorganize the military; it consisted of fifteen elders).
Опубликовал admin, 13-11-2014, 00:26

A request to recognize the Circassians genocide was sent to Poland on its Independence DayOn the Independence Day of Poland on November 11th, 2014 the Circassian activists from 10 countries sent a letter to the leaders of that country with a request to recognize the Circassian genocide that was committed by the Russian Empire during and after the war in 1763-1864. This document had 52 signatures of Russian Federation's citizens. Those are the people from historical Circassia, diasporas in Turkey, Jordan, Germany, France and other countries.
Опубликовал admin, 27-10-2014, 13:50

«The Real Amazons», - by Joshua RothmanHere’s a story, told by Herodotus, about the fierce female warriors known as Amazons. Many thousands of years ago, a group of Greek raiders ventured into what is now northern Turkey. Travelling across the steppe, they came across a group of warrior women. The Greeks kidnapped them, locked them in the holds of their ships, and set sail for home. But the Amazons escaped. They recovered their weapons and killed their captors. Because they were horsewomen.
Опубликовал admin, 9-10-2014, 18:08

Situation of Circassian Refugees from Syria Reportedly Precarious in Karachaevo-CherkessiaAs civil war rages in Syria, Circassians there are trying to escape to other countries, but few of them have been able to return to their historical homeland in the North Caucasus. A handful of the Circassians ended up in Karachaevo-Cherkessia, where Circassians are the titular ethnic group, but comprise only about 12 percent of the republic’s total population. Accordingly, Circassian refugees from Syria currently residing in KCR are reportedly in the most precarious situation of all.
Опубликовал admin, 6-10-2014, 18:25

Paul Goble: Can the Ubykh Language Return from the Dead?Deputies of the Kabardino-Balkarian parliament have appealed to Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to include the Ubykhs, a subgroup of the Circassian nation, on the official list of numerically small indigenous peoples of the Russian Federation and thus take the first step to the revival of a language which has been considered dead since 1992. For many, this action is quixotic – there are after all only 33 people in Russia who identified themselves as Ubykhs in the 2010 census.
Опубликовал administrator, 14-07-2014, 18:23

The Circassians Condemn Russian Intervention in UkraineCircassians strongly express disapproval of suspicious Russian adventures and conspiracies against the independent state of Ukraine, which reflected the colonial relentless efforts starting from intruding and intervening in the Ukrainian internal affairs through the interference and annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, reaching nowadays to the Russian blatant military intervention beside recruiting and mobilizing mercenaries in Eastern Ukraine.