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The insurgents liquidated in village Tukuj-Mekteb of Neftekumsky area of Stavropol Territory, were members of «Nogay battalion», operated on the territory of Chechen Republic. «All of them are Nogays», - the member of the antiterrorist commission of the territorial administration Alexander Bondarenko informed RIA «Novosty».

As he said, «when there were open warfare operations in the territory of Chechen Republic in 90s, they entered Shamil Basayev's groups».

"Later, when the counter-terrorist operation had ended, all of them scattered in "djamaats" - closed Muslim societies of extremist orientation divided among the territories", - told Bondarenko.

The same insurgents had been preparing for capture of a school in Stavropol Territory, like the school’s capture in Beslan, a source in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of the Territory informed "Interfax-South" agency.

"Neftekumsky area is an old headache for everybody. There, except for Russians, two peoples which are there for a long time and deserved the right to be indigenous: Nogays and Turkmens - live. But Nogays live there on position of the people who have no rights.

They have not representatives in the Neftekumsky area administration though they make about a half of the area population, - the master of historical degree, the scientific employee of the Institute of ethnology and anthropology of the Russian Academy of Science Ahmet Jarlykapov had told earlier to the "Caucasian unit" correspondent. - Such policy - charging of the whole people in Wahhabism – in relation to Nogays proceeded for a long time. And, apparently, at last Nogays had been convinced that all of them were Wahhabists".

Stavropol Territorial authorities, in the scientist’s opinion, led to increase of the extremist moods in the area.

«There is authorities there, but those authorities consider that they should oppress everybody, they mustn’t give any rights anybody. The settlement Tukuj-Mekteb is the former Achikulaksky area, which was once in the structure of Dagestan, and then it was returned to Stavropol Territory. It was all Nogay. Now there they rule to tell fairly in some chauvinistic way, - said Jarlykapov. - Really the situation in the area was always aggravated. But by now it has been aggravated with that there is a lot of immigrants Darghins from Dagestan there. And the local population sees, how immigrants Darghins by means of their money are not bad arranged. They become more competitive. That embittered the local population even more".

"When authorities do not work, there are national and other problems. Why in the next Nogaysky area of Dagestan there is nothing like that? As they are next areas? But in Dagestan all the national problems are solved - nobody belittles anybody there. And in Stavropol Territory we have the situation on the contrary".

Jarlykapov noted: "Nogay battalion is a myth, as well as other national battalions". "It is real that Nogays from Neftekumsky area were at war in Chechen Republic on the insurgents’ party. In that there is their fault, but Stavropol authorities created an intolerant situation so people went to separatists", - Ahmet Jarlykapov emphasized.

"All the armed formations in Chechen Republic which are at war against the federal forces, is not organized according any national attribute. That is alien to them, as they are "international". Therefore existence of "Karachai" and "Nogay" battalions are myths. And to support such myth is favourable to Basayev - I supposedly is supported by the nation, - supposed the scientist. - And the Stavropol authorities, so to say "were led" by that and began oppressing Nogays. And they began reciprocating. In this story only Basayev turns out to be in a prize. They were beaten with what they struggled for".

According to Jarlypakov, he called up to not make enemies on the national attribute for a long time. "I’ve written about it for ages, but our authorities read a little, as the Stavropol authorities in general are deranged in the ethnic issues. Therefore the last events have not surprised me at all – they had ripened and broken through", - the scientific employee of the Institute of ethnology and anthropology of the Russian Academy of Science Ahmet Jarlykapov declared, making comments on the situation in Stavropol Territory.

Stavropol territorial law enforcement bodies, in their turn, informed that the insurgents, blocked in an apartment house were members of "Shelkovsky djamaat" which actively participated in fights against the federal forces in Chechen Republic, reported RIA "Novosty". According to the agency, three participants of "Shelkovsky djamaat", connected with the insurgents killed in Stavropol Territory, had been detained today in Pyatigorsk town.

Note: on Thursday, February 9th in the afternoon in two private houses in Kirov’s and Peace’s streets in Tukuy-Mektebe settlement of Neftekumsky area of Stavropol Territory a group of insurgents had been blocked. On the offer to surrender they answered with firing. Militia surrounded, and then stormed the houses where the insurgents were hiding.

As a result of the special action 12 insurgents were killed: 8 - in the village during the special action, 3 were killed during the “clearing” of the territory, one more corpse of the insurgent was found out a little later. A source in the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Stavropol Territory told "Interfax" that several insurgents managed to disappear from the place of the fight. During the firing with insurgents, on the specified data, seven employees of the law enforcement bodies were shot. NTV informed that.

Caucasian unit
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