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Какая страна, на Ваш взгляд, примет больше беженцев-черкесов из Сирии?
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Crown prince of the Jordanian kingdom Aly Ben Al-Hussein is registered in Adygeya capital Maykop, the street… ? However, the exact coordinates we shall not specify as it’s quite the other story; but we shall speak to those who live at this address. They are Asya Eutyh (a well-known in Adygeyan (Circassian) world master of weapon and metal art) and her family: husband and two sons. Her house - the place used to be visited by the royal persons – not very remarkable outside - still inside is quite cozy in spite of the fact of its current reconstruction. In actual fact it represents simultaneously an archeological museum, a scientific library of history, applied arts and, certainly, a creative workshop.

House in which Prince registered (Adygeya)To the house its inhabitants truly correspond. Asya, right after schooling learned skills in Karachaevo-Circassia, then in Krasnodar city - she received the diploma in Kuban state university – then trained in Dagestan, in Kubachy. Achieving new experience she still goes on today; but with the friend’s coming in her life the arts, creativeness became the main things for her. Her husband, Ruslan Turkav (his first speciality in robotics- engineering) now is an experienced master of the skilful metal working, creates within the limits of technological part of the process. More and more involved in the spirit reigning in the house, the children - Zaur and Bybars – become: each of them has a workplace.

- Art decorating metal works, mastery of weapon, jewelry and decorative ornaments – all of the things you make – are directed to the past. Still what’s your attitude towards the time you’re living in now?

- In the point of view of arts, the Space I feel responsible for - it’s like a moment. And I try to be in harmony, first of all, with my destination in this century, secondly, with the epoch of which style I work. We in our workshop had learned and mastered the material culture of North Caucasus so that now we can easily work within any period since the earliest epoch – of Maykopskaya culture, 3000-2000 B.C. So we work out customers’ orders as they were being manufactured for ancient rulers or tsars. At the same time we add to our ironware something new, something of ours which harmonize with the whole style as it had been done by masters of ancient times. Our masterworks are often appraised by archeologists, art criticizers who are always ready to note the slightest inaccuracy. That’s why in any epoch we have to be professionals. As to nowadays time I feel in it pretty well. First of all because of that I have my favorite profession. And absolutely unhindered and on contrary stimulated with the fact that I easily get my bearings in the past times. I’d like to mention one more thing: arts whatever ancient it could be are always looking in the future but not in the past.

- Okay. If it’s not a secret, what are you busy with at the moment?

- Recently we’ve been ordered to make massive half-meter bronze handles with gilding for the doors of one orthodox temple. That temple is being restored in Hosta settlement at the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar territory. But the local artists, actually including Krasnodar masters too, had refused to do that work. We had not extremely required orders but still thought that to do that work, considering the present inter-confessional disagreements, would be pretty good. In addition to that Host situated on historical Adygeyan lands and when I did these handles in sketches they turned out to be with elements of Circassian weapon style.

- Circassian style - what is it?

- In many respects it is a lost skill. There are collections of weapon in the State historical museum and the Museum of Orient people’s arts in Moscow, in the Hermitage and the Museum of ethnography in St.-Petersburg; there are exhibits in museums of Nalchik, Cherkessk, Maykop. The most authoritative expert in Russia on Caucasian weapon by full right is Emma Astvatsaturjan who works in the State historical museum in Moscow. She had defined the Circassian style: she isolated similar things from the known elements; had compared ornaments, found by names, surnames, tamgas. She is the author of many monographies, recently she had published the summary book "Weapon of people of Caucasus ". As well as her former works, this book is opened with a large chapter about Circassian weapons. She explains that torevtics (art processing of metal surface of weapon) had appeared among Circassians earlier than in Dagestan.

In the retrospective show it is what I have already mentioned. In the times of Maykopskaya culture a rich decorative amount - of totems of animals, talismans, magic signs developed. Further during the Meoto-Scythian culture so-called “animal style” blossomed. Since the beginning of our era during the antique epoch, the Early Middle Ages and the Middle Ages the animalistic basis of ornaments was gradually replaced with symbols - this style is called Belorechensky. Actually Circassian style started forming about 500 years ago, and today it is presented by patterns which contain aspects of animals – wings of flying birds, ram horns and so on. They keep the imprint of kin tamga signs of Adygs.

- How have you got acquainted with prince Aly? As far as I remember, while you manufactured the ceremonial weapon for his guards the issue concerned Dagestan variant of metal processing?

- Everything happened, you may say, casually. In magazine "Peasant woman" there was an illustrated publication about us and our masterworks. That number appeared in the prince’s hands. And in spite of the fact that by then they already had the complete set of the weapon, bought in Dagestan, we were ordered to make a new one. Aly belongs to the royal kin of descendants of prophet Magomet. His mother, queen Alija (died in an accident when he was two), conducted her family from the notable Circassian Mumlukes, military estate of Egypt and its legendary governors. Besides in Jordan descendants of Adygs who were deported to the Near East during and after the Russian-Caucasian war of XIX century live. They in due time had played an important role in becoming of the Jordanian state. In general a Circassian in the Near East is a romantic hero, the knight of valour and honour. With all of it, I think, prince Aly’s choice could be explained.

His guard consists of 15 people, one more weapon set is made for the prince himself. Aly’s equipment differs from his guardsmen’s like in the past princely one differed from nobiliary. The prince’s weapon trimmed by gold, shines on the background of the white Circassian hat. The equipment of the guardsmen dressed in black Circassian caps, gives dim silver light. Each complete set includes bullet-pockets, a belt with suspension brackets, a dagger, a sword, a sword belt, a holster for pistol and a handbag for fine accessories. On daggers and checkers names of owners are engraved.

But what looks interesting is that to make all of these things appeared to be too little: we had to show, for example, how the sword should be taken out in one movement from sheath and blown with, how to walk, how to ride, to sit down, to dance and so on. Interestingly those guardsmen, Adygs in their majority, invited an old resident-Shapsug who as it appeared did not know about those things too. In a word, the whole culture of not only manufacturing but also of using the weapon had been lost.

- The prince’s registration in Maykop. What was necessity of it?

- In general, here again it is simple. The prince decided to visit Adygeya. But the issue in fact concerned the royal person. The receiving party declared that it could not guarantee him proper safety. Then he had insisted on going as an ordinary citizen. And for this purpose, as it is known, it is necessary to fill a heap of papers, to answer a great number of various questions. For example, in the questionnaire about Aly’s father columns appeared: place of work, post, residence. We accordingly filled up: palace, king, palace. And when there was a necessity for registration, Aly said that he would register only at our place. Since then he was registered here. Some day I, laughing, told the prince that I paid for him regularly, as for an equal-righted member of the family: for his share of water, gas, and for… garbage. Aly liked the joke but housing and communal services work is serious.

- Wedding dresses for Aly’s bride - are they made by you too?

- Rym Brahymi is the princess’ name. She doesn’t have royal blood, not a Circassian; her father is Arab, the mother – a Croatian. But with the wedding order the bride, probably, gave a tribute to Aly’s mother, to the culture he brought up in.

We worked out the dress in Belorechensky style with Meoto-Scythian elements. Dresses were sewed by skilled workers from Nalchik, and we ornamented the flaps of the overcoat with openwork gold and silver leaflets with a notch, made silver with gold edges of over-shoulder ornaments to every of which we put with thin chains five little gold bells, as links of these chains were attached with tiny lion heads. But the main ornament of the toilette is a silver belt with gold, with a small dagger. This is what gives the dress a look of Circassian saye - female national suit.

Next day after the wedding ceremony Ruslan and I were invited at the royal reception. Except for the family members of king of Jordan Abdallah II on the reception there were also other royal persons, princes of Emirates, sheikhs. In the East there is the most quivering attitude to royal persons; nevertheless we having represented the whole Russia, behaved, apparently, adequately. We were thanked, as it was told, " for amazing with beauty and grace the bride clothes", it was said by Aly. Then, after the official part, a thing unexpected for me happened. When I appeared near to the princess, she suddenly told: " Asya, I so love you, you have gold hands, let me kiss them", - she took and kissed.

- Ruslan, your husband, is not jealous for your talent, your glory?

- He himself is a very talented man. It is clear that I took place as an artist before his appearance in my life. But today he is able to make independently, for instance, a dagger. And it will be an excellent dagger. And the main thing is that I use tools, units, analogues of which there are not in the world. They are invented and made by Ruslan.

Probably, it is just my destiny - everything that is interesting to him, is not lesser interesting to me. And so on. It is the sign for me that we have sons. If in Russian it is possible to say woman-master of weapon a word “smith” of a female variant simply is not present. Nevertheless it is my trade. And my sons are the sign from above to that the choice of this trade is made by me correctly.

- Are there among admirers of your talent any other people known in the world?

- Products of our workshop contain in collections of the president of Egypt Hosny Mubarak and his wife, the head of Libyan state Muammar Kaddafi and many other people famous in the Near East. Among Russian celebrities I may name mayor of Moscow Jury Luzhkov, the head of "Lukoil" Vagid Alekperov. Jury Temirkanov glorified maestro (to whom we made a graceful silver conductor's baton) had delivered to the president of Russia Vladimir Putin a silver ryton of our work. The ryton is a ritual vessel known since II millenium B.C. Made of precious metals, it could belong only to a tsar or an emperor. This gift was made on behalf of all Adygeyan people, the the conversation of the musician, ethnic Adyg, a Kabardian, with the head of the state was devoted to development of national cultures.

- Ryton, tiny heads of lions with which chains to the bride’s dress made, and many other things from your works, probably, should specify that you gravitate to deep antiquity. Is it so? And if it is, why?

- It may be explained in another way. The further we come in the depths of an epoch, the lesser recognizable becomes what ethnos some culture belongs. It means that it becomes - especially-universal belongings. That’s why a greater demand in ancient works of art, in products of which skills of ancient masters is recreated. As to me each style is immensely dear because it allowed touching the secret, making a discovery.

- And what is a story of your full address?

- Once on NTV in the program "Segodniachko" a record of the registration of the prince Aly at our place was shown on the screen. After that a stream of letters from the most various corners of Russia and the CIS countries flew. We absolutely didn’t what to do with it because to be engaged in such correspondence we simply had no time. As for those letters they appeared frivolous, and at times even funny. I remember, for example, a letter of one woman whence from Central Asian kishlak (settlement) which named "Kishlak".

She wrote “you have so interestingly live: you in the house have royal persons. And I all my life dreamed to have a bracelet but nobody made it for me”. She had drawn it and suggested to make that bracelet for her. She also wanted that gift to be dated for the wedding of her son. That woman asked to send at the same time ornaments which, in her opinion, in my house there are a lot of, and a part of them, she was assured, had already bothered me.

- Your house as I see, is reconstructed. It, in your opinion, has a lack of something?

- You know, when Aly had registered at our place, we constructed in the garden a small mansion which seemed to belong to him. But, as it appeared, it was necessary, first of all, to us. This mansion brought some elevation of feelings in our everyday life. Now we’ve taken down it, and that atmosphere, which lived in it, we are removing to the house. In any house there should be not so much products of high art but much of spirit of supreme human relations. It is so necessary to us, to our children.

Interviewed by Aslan Shazzo, "AdygeaNatPress".- Products of our workshop contain in collections of the president of Egypt Hosny Mubarak and his wife, the head of Libyan state Muammar Kaddafi and many other people famous in the Near East. Among Russian celebrities I may name mayor of Moscow Jury Luzhkov, the head of

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