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The meeting of the Council of the Spiritual Management of Moslems of Adygeya and Krasnodar territory on September 8th took place in the Adygeysk town mosque together with the mosque’s parishioners. Though the basic result of the meeting was election of the new imam, the gathering was not ordinary.

An occasion to it was discussion of the results of "the alternative" assembly in the end of the last year with participation of the town authorities, law-enforcement and power structures of the republic, taken place in Adygeysk. Results of the previous meeting, in turn, also concerned the decision of the personnel question. The operating imam Nadjmedin Abazi was discharged.

Abazi, as well as the chairman of the Spiritual management Nurby Emizh at that December assembly were not present. The management of the SMM considered the incident as an intervention of the authorities, in particular the town mayor, into the internal affairs of the Spiritual management and tried to correct the situation.

At the present meeting with the parishioners of the mosque the chairman of the Spiritual management of Moslems of Adygeya and Krasnodar territory, the mufti of republic Emizh said: "I completely confirm my error of tolerating the inflamed conflict inside of the mosque and not suspending the intrigues, as I had considered them as insignificant and internal issues of the mosque while they had not got such a large scope".

To the mayor assistant on public relations Adam Huade present at the assembly the mufti stated his expectations and wishes. He expressed an idea that the young men visiting the mosque are the best among their environment as they do not drink, do not smoke, they do not make offences, worshipping the God.

Parishioners of the mosque expressed at the meeting their support of the former mosque imam Abazi, having rejected the charges against him and offering to reinstate him. But Abazi himself rejected the offer; so one of his pupils Murat Hezh was elected.

An aged believer woman, having justified to the same extent both imam Abazi, and the Adygeysk mayor Kim Mamiek, accused some parishioners of kindling the conflict. "They, trying to achieve some power, official posts and privileges, holding aside the Spiritual management, constantly addressed with unreasonable slanderous denunciations of the imam to all the instances, including the mayor. At last, Mamiek was compelled to interfere and react to these infinite complaints", - she said.

Let's remind that result of the previous assembly was not only the imam’s discharge, but also stating against him charges of extremism and kindling of interethnic discord as well as institution of criminal proceeding. From the mosque during the checks they withdraw books stored there, and 11 bottles of the oil of the black caraway seeds. The newly elected imam instead of Abazi Hizir Kade, unlike his predecessor, had neither spiritual education, nor knowledge of religion; therefore the djamaat disintegrated.

All the events happened soon after the elections of the new town mayor Mamiek, the former chief of the area department of inner affairs. As it became known from various sources, the imam had not supported his nominee, openly being for the opponent of the elected head of the town.

As Abazi informed "Caucasian unit" correspondent, investigation against him has been proceeding about 11 months, materials of the case made 5 volumes in 1300 pages. All Adygeya inhabitants who had known the imam were interrogated, special inquiries were sent to Turkey and Yugoslavia where the repatriate used to live earlier. However any proof of his guilt was not found.

"It is weird to hear every time about skinheads’ victims while we do not hear about any case of their charge in kindling of the national discord. And I daily calling for peace and consent among the peoples, collecting together at the sermons people of tens different nationalities, was accused without grounds of kindling of an interethnic discord and extremism" - remarked Abazi.

During the investigation the charges of extremism and kindling of interethnic discord were taken off, but the criminal proceeding was not stopped. Finally, on August 21st the imam was convinced by Teuchezhsky area court under the clause 238 P.1 of the Criminal Code of Russian Federation for "storage in mosque with a view of selling, and also selling of the goods and production not corresponding the requirements for the safety of consumers’ life and health ". he was punished with the penalty of 10 000 rubles.

"The product that had been by the reason for my punishment, - told the imam in the conversation with "Caucasian unit" correspondent, - is the oil of the black caraway seeds. It, alongside with the olive oil, since the most ancient times is a widely known in the Islamic prophetical medicine and recommended by the Prophet to the daily using.

Nowadays researches of the properties of the oil of the black caraway seeds are being spent in the scientific laboratories all over the world. One of its main properties is stimulation of the human natural immunity working. The immune-biological laboratory of the Southern California of the USA confirmed the fact that this oil is the ideal assistant at treatment of the cancer tumours".

Let's note that in the verdict against Abazi, it was spoken: "According to the conclusion of the sanitary-and-epidemiological examination led by expert of the Federal unitary enterprise "Center of hygiene and epidemiology in Krasnodar territory", for the biologically active additive (BAA) to food "Barracka” manufactured in Egypt", there is no information about origin and manufacturing of the production as well as any documents confirming quality and safety for human health".

Thus nothing was told about results of the examination concerning the structure and the quality of the product - its danger or safety to human health. The repeated examination of the withdrawn products will be hardly made, as in the verdict it was written: "The material evidences on the case - 11 packings of medicine "Barracka" were lost at carrying out of the sanitary-and-epidemiological examination".

Imam Abazi made the cassation complaint to the appeal of the verdict to the Supreme Court of Adygeya and now in a case of default he intends to address to the Supreme Court of Russian Federation, and then - the European court.

Caucasian unit
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