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Hoping for releasing from payment of the land tax for their sites Islam Napso and Haret Tesheva, living in Golovinka settlement of Lazarevsky area of Sochi town addressed in July of this year to the Interregional inspection of the federal tax service of Russia #7 across Krasnodar territory. The authorized representative on the case Zaurbek Shu informed that on October 5 to IA REGNUM correspondent. The basis for satisfaction of their request, in the applicants’ opinion, can be that they are the representatives of Shapsugs.

"According to the Uniform list of the radical small peoples of Russian Federation authorized by the order of the Government of Russian Federation from March 24, 2000 # 255,” - they wrote in the application, - Shapsugs, among which representatives we are, living in Krasnodar territory, are referred to the radical small peoples of Russian Federation".

That means that they "have the right to own gratuitously and to use lands of various categories at the places of the traditional residing and the economic activities of the radical small peoples", as well as a number of other privileges. However all the mentioned rights, because of the reasons clear for them, Shapsugs are rejected to use. In their letter they demanded to restore justice.

The inquiry on August 15 was replied by the assistant of the chief of the interregional inspection, the tax service adviser of the 3rd rank Anna Nemtseva. In her reply, in particular, it was written: "according to item 2 of clause 12 of the Law of Russian Federation "About payment for land" and the verdict of the Sochi Town assembly # 348 clause 7 item 14, from payment of the tax for land they released the natural persons relating to the radical small peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of Russian Federation, and the communities of such peoples - concerning the land areas used for preservation and development of their traditional image of life, managing and crafts".

Therefore, as she said, Shapsugs cannot enjoy the privilege in payment of the land tax according to the above-stated legislation, as they do not concern to that category of the natural persons.

Let's remind, IA REGNUM had published earlier that with the same request, but to another instance - the mayor of Sochi Victor Kolodiazhniy - another representative of the radical small people of Krasnodar Territory – Inver Kobzh addressed. He received the negative reply, too - though, not so rough, and a little bit intricate.

As Zaurbek Shu explained, the reference in Nemtseva’s reply to item 2 of clause 12 of the Law of Russian Federation "About payment for land" was wrongful, because by the Federal law from 11.29. 2004 #141 that clause was excluded since January 1, 2006. "Officials - especially of such high rank - should be more accurate, - he noted, - in what they refer to".

And the improbable "right" of the radical small peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East, as remarked the applicants’ representative, was written down in the decision of the Sochi Town assembly concerned payment of the tax for land pretty purposefully. Actually it cannot be used by the representatives of those peoples in the territory of the town any way. And those who adopted that rule, know about it very well. All that could be very simply explained – the Black sea coast is not the territory of the time-honoured residing, using of the natural resources, crafts and so on of those peoples.

It was fixed legislatively, as he noted, probably, for that an official could say to Shapsugs: ‘we, say, reserve the rights of the radical small peoples, but you, citizens, "do not concern to this category of the natural persons". And if you do not enjoy this – well it is not a trouble. "The main, - noted Shu, - is that "that stronghold" by means of bureaucratic formal replies can hold on a long time. Anyway, meanwhile it is unapproachable. Already for 6 years".


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