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«We, legal experts, consider that in the events in Nalchik were caused by numerous facts of prosecution against Moslems for their religious belief», - declared the executive director of the All-Russian public movement «For human rights» Lev Ponomarev at the press conference in Moscow devoted to the forthcoming anniversary to the tragical events in Nalchik of October 13, last year.

"Unconditionally some representatives of the armed underground, connected with the Chechen insurgents, also participated in the action, but basically the young people, which, to all the attributes, had taken weapon in hands for the first time were lost", - ascertained Ponomarev.

As the IA REGNUM correspondent reported, he characterized the tragical event as "a grandiose provocation" and emphasized that the young people being refused to perform religious rituals and exposed to prosecutions of the law-enforcement bodies ostensibly for Wahhabism, were literally pushed to extremist actions.

The change of the management of the republic and the staff of the ministry of internal affairs of KBR scarcely affected the situation, ascertained the legal expert. "The prayings" are again called for "conversations" under a pretext of a re-registration without any official claims and presence of their lawyers, and again taken fingerprints. "After hardly possible taking off the minister Shoghenov, it is necessary to discharge the middle echelon of the militia employees, which had carried out prosecutions by Shoghenov and now are again ready to initiate that", - declared Ponomarev.

"If the lessons are not taught from what had happened, it will repeat again and again!" - he warned.

The participants of the press conference, among which there were relatives of the lost and suffered from the prosecutions, underlined the unwillingness of the authorities of Kabardino-Balkaria and the management of the law-enforcement bodies to get contacts to the leaders of "worshippers" and accused authorities of provoking of tensions and extremist moods among the believing youth.

"All the relatives have the one question - why all the killed without any litigation had been recognized as terrorists?" - emphasized the lawyer Elena Liptser. As she said, while examining the corpses, the relatives found out on many of them corporal damages testifying to tortures that does not allow to consider all the lost to be terrorists killed in the gunfight.

Besides some families insist that their relatives did not take part in the shootings in the town streets at all and were detained at their houses, thereafter their corpses appeared to be among the insurgents’ bodies. In that connection the relatives consider as their main task to achieve the objective investigation of all the occurred, emphasized the lawyer.

"The Court should establish degree of everyone’s fault", - declared father of one of the killed Askerby Makoev. He expressed his sharp protest against refusal in giving him out his son’s body for funeral. As he said, his son was accused of participation in the terrorist act however five months after his loss the criminal proceeding was stopped in connection with death of the accused.

Thus, emphasized Askerby Makoev, the question whether his son was guilty or innocence was not solved by court. In total not buried for the same reason there are 93 bodies of the lost.

As the chief of information-analytical service of the public movement "For human rights" Evgenie Ikhlov, parents of the lost – Timofey Nabitov, Fatima Arhagova and Kunak Guziev - on May, 2006 signed a joint application with request to the Constitutional court to check up on conformity to the Constitution of Russian Federation the clause 14.1 of the Federal law "About burial and funeral affair", according to which they do not give out the bodies of persons, "against which criminal prosecution concerning in connection with their participation in terrorist activities was stopped because of their death causes as a result of suppression of that terrorist action".

As the applicants consider in this case the norms of a number of clauses of the Constitution of Russian Federation are roughly broken: in particular recognition of a citizen guilty without litigation is allowed and innocence presumption is broken. The application was accepted by the Constitutional court for consideration.

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