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The organization «Nafna» («Habza») has released today, on October 21st, the first number of the publication - newspaper «Napa». We offer Natpress readers one of the articles of the number, written by its editor Nalby Kuiok.

It was the beginning of the 90s of the last century. The twentieth century should finish its last decade, having given a powerful spur to the revival of the Adygs’ national identity. The foreign Adygs, expelled in the 19th century out from their native lands, began coming home - ones for a visit, others - with the purpose to find again their native fatherland. With efforts of the political organization Adyghe Khase for the first time they marked the anniversary of the Russian-Caucasian war.

So the history of the Stone begins.

Khase active workers decided to fix a stone in honor of the defenders of the native land, in honor of tens and hundreds thousand Circassians (Adygs), fallen in the unprecedentedly severe massacre of the imperial army almost in three hundred thousand soldiers against the small people that had never had armies. The action with the stone threatened nobody; it did not call for any illegal actions, did not break up the constitutional bases of the state; it could not cause any nationalist or chauvinistic feelings at all.

On the place it was pawned, the monument in memory about the fallen should be constructed. That is a custom all over the world – the dead are buried both in peace times and even on a battlefield. We, Adygs, have tens and hundred thousand compatriots not buried, and that is immoral, immemorial, it is sinful both for the dead, and for the living. Fascist Germany lost during the last world war some millions soldiers’ lives.

Now relatives search for their remains in territory of the former USSR and the present Russia, search and find and give them their last honor. We do not search, because our ancestors’ bones are in the whole territory of former Circassia. We simply wish to render them a minimum from due: on the native land, on a small part of that Circassia to bury them even symbolically - to fix for them a monument.

Monuments are fixed not only for people. They are fixed in honour of some great historical or tragical events, in honour of animals and dogs, birds and kowtowing, even in honour of fantastic literal and other characters.

We wish to fix a monument in honour of the hundred thousand people, as they lived, they protected the native land. They were the descendants of the Circassians known all over the world who a lot of centuries ago had created the Circassian civilization. The great culture disappeared in the war. Probably, there were wars both more terrible, and more shattering.

The mankind lives with wars and in wars. The Russian-Caucasian war has terminated for a long time. Names of the generals so diligently destroyed hundreds of Adygeyan auls, in gold letters are cut in the Hall of Glory, in a building in the territory of the Kremlin. That is the history of Russia. Today we with Russia create the general history, and in it like a bleeding wound the devoted memory of our ancestors, the land defenders gapes.

The Stone was fixed. The authorities promised to build a monument. However, at first they decided to collect money with all people, but, as always, the authorities just outwitted people: “we shall find mean”. Cunning consist of to get time - perhaps, they would have stopped shouting, and the things would be right someway. The CPSU regional committee terminated – there wasn’t a monument. The Republic has come – they promised again.

A.Dzharimov - the first president - left. Kh.Sovmen come. The new wave was made - and again the authorities appeared to be more artful: they organized a competition on the best project; then three competitions passed; they choose the best project, and Kh.Sovmen is not pleasant with that. You just create a project that he liked then he would surely sign and help with money. But how long is it possible to draw projects? And who knows, what would he like? And why only he, the one, though the president, should decide?

And if he really wants (understands the importance of this action for people) - to see such monument, then let him will order as many as he needs and to whom he needs – there are hundreds of good sculptors in Russia and in the whole world. No, the president is silent. You just draw the project that would have pleased him then please. And what should be drawn?

Authorities are always more artful. They ordered - allowed - to move the Stone out from Krasnooktiabrskaya Street to the Pioneer Street. Now the Stone lays surrounded by sickly trees. Kh.Sovmen's term comes to its end. The third president will come...

Presidents, deputies, ministers (Adygs) figure that if they fixed the monument, it should cause a political storm in the environment of the Russian-speaking population: supposedly they stood against Russia?!

No, they do not think that way.

Presidents, deputies, ministers (Adygs) think that if they fixed the monument, they would be thought to be politically unreliable people and would be discharged.

No, they do not think that either.

They think of nothing alike.

Who can tell, what they think of, when their "thoughts" do not coincide, even are absolutely inadequate to what people think of?

Recollect the last elections: no candidate of the State Soviet-Khase declared in his program any question concerning the survival problems of the Adygs and preservation of their language and culture. Neither about problems of the Russians.

Where do they live?

The newspaper "Napa" with this number begins the action, devoted to the monument in honour of the defenders of the native ground. We shall publish any well-reasoned opinion. But our purpose is the monument.

“Napa” Editorial board. Natpress
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