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In the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya on October 25th the rating voting on Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov’s nominee on the post of the future president of the republic passed. 46 deputies supported him; six voted against, two refrained. As the voting had shown, the opposition to the mainframe of the deputy corpus of “United Russia”, communists and agrarians was formed by the fraction of industrialists and several one-mandatory deputies.

Let's remind in that connection that the plenipotentiary of the president of Russian Federation in the SFD Dmitry Kozak in the beginning of October had lead the public consultations. The form of carrying out of those consultations caused protests then. However, having convinced by that the further discussion of the nominees was passing quite democratically, and Kozak was not going to impose "his candidate", the public noticeably calmed down and connected to the discussion.

At the consultations it was named over 10 candidatures. Then the initiative was incurred by the regional party branch of "United Russia", which fraction makes the majority in the parliament. At the political council of the party branch they adopted unanimous decision the list of the candidates to presidents where there were the operating president of the republic Khazret Sovmen, the speaker of the parliament Ruslan Hadjebiekov, the deputies Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov and Aslan Hashir.

Later the Supreme council of "United Russia" and its presidium (Moscow) approved the single nominee from the party - Tkhakushinov. The plenipotentiary in the SFD Kozak presented the president of Russia Vladimir Putin three nominees: Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov, Ruslan Hadjebiekov and general-lieutenant Ajtech Bizhev.

All that has created a collision at which the speaker of the parliament and simultaneously the head of the party branch, was not supposed to be against the nominee offered by the supreme directing bodies of the party though he was the candidate, too. On the contrary, the speaker, and also the whole fraction were supposed to agitate for "opponent". As to the candidature of general Bizhev, he could not have won the majority in the parliament initially for the same reason - "United Russia" offered the other nominee.

An attempt to change the developed political situation was undertaken by the head of the republican presidential administration Taly Beretar supported by the vice-president of the republic Boris Gokzhaev. They declared, in particular, that the operating president had a high political rating in the republic and the right to apply for the repeated term.

After that statement the regional branch of "United Russia" held a next session of the political council at which Khazret Sovmen told that he did not apply for repeated term and had nothing against Tkhakushinov as his successor. At the same session they organized the repeated voting on the nominee where the overwhelming majority of the voices was given for Tkhakushinov.

The team of the head of the presidential administration continues to struggle "for Sovmen’s right" for repeated term. For example, they declared that at the session of the State Soviet-Khase they voted for the next president with infringement of the rules: the president should have presented a nominee and then the deputies - before voting for the candidate - should consult to their voters, and so on. The operating officials do not shun creating rumours.

Thus the fact remains: at the "alive" president and the active body of his administration (for today - nearby 90 officials whereas in the beginning of Sovmen’s presidency it had been reduced up to 15 people) the opponent to the operating executive authority had got over 80 percent of voices of the deputies of the parliament. By the way, those voices were the voices of the recently elected deputies.

Besides the presidential administration, being in fact a legal service, does not consider that the present to head of the republic cannot be offered in any way to remain for the second term because the age qualification (65 years), fixed in the Federal law from July 27th, 2004 # 79-ФЗ "About the state civil service of Russian Federation".

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