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In the end of the last week the approved Adygeya president Aslancheriy Tkhakushinov informed the journalists that in the nearest future with investors special department – Adygeya regional development agency by the republican president - will be engaged in the questions of attraction of investments into Adygeya and work.

As the head of that department the president introduced the known Krasnodar businessman, deputy of the State Soviet-Khase of Adygeya Ghissa Baste. The new department’s head refused to comment on his appointment or to tell about his plans for the near future; and Natpress offers some abstracts from an interview with Baste about 4 years ago after it became clear that the investment into Adygeya at the president-businessman Khazret Sovmen were not attracted.

For the known reasons that interview has remained unpublished. More over, during the previous presidential elections Baste had supported Tkhakushinov.

Question: For certain not all our readers know what you are engaged in. Please, tell, in short, about your business.

Until recently I have been engaged in retail trade, built supermarkets and maintained them. Now I have in Krasnodar two big supermarkets. But at present I have changed a little the form of my business activities: I am engaged in construction and tenancy of the trading areas. In my plans, for example, there is construction of a 13-storied trading-entertaining, office, and hotel center.

I also have manufacture – confectionery, and it is very good. Besides two our companies recently have bought in Krasnodar territory the largest collective farm, and now have got more than 60 percent of stock share. There are nearby 30 thousand hectares of the agricultural lands; 3,5 thousand cows, 5 thousand sheep. I am also engaged in other forms of business.

Question: What do your disagreements with Sovmen consist of?

The only thing I might tell about in this connection concerns the last presidential elections in Adygeya. It couldn’t even occur to that Sovmen might nominate his nominee. And, with my greatest respect towards Aslan Tkhakushinov, the rector of the Maykop state technological university, I had supported him completely and assured him that I would go with him up to the end when he had decided to stand on the president’s post.

To tell that I was strongly amazed, when I’ve learned that on this post Sovmen also stood, means to say nothing. But, first, I do not belong to those who easily change their mind, and, secondly, I have approved Tkhakushinov’s decision not just because of our friendship, but truly estimating features of his character. I was sure: it would be convenient for us to represent him as our president, and it would be nice to him to represent us as a people, too.

And on the contrary, then I was still sure and now my confidence has only repeatedly amplified, that the managing of the artel "Polus" and the managing of a republic are quite different things. In other words, when we met with Sovmen, I dared to express to him the opinion that this place not for him. There from there was the reason. And before, be assured, through many years I had been in Sovmen’s opinion a decent person.

Question: Someone wanted, some people not, but today the president of Adygeya is Sovmen. And he, probably, is right, when speaks: I know many solvent Adygs who could stand next to me. Indeed, why don’t you help him?

That depends not on us to help him or not. That is he who does not help us. He’s come to help: to create administrative, legal, and other conditions for good work, for creative work. But the president is not simply engaged in his direct duties.

In my understanding, he simply plays about his official powers and thus does not imagine corresponding consequences.

He will cooperate neither with me, nor with anybody else. I for a long time know both Sovmen and Tuguz (Shamsudin Tuguz, then - adviser of the president), I had worked with them 16 years. What is, for example, now Tuguz busy with? Being well enough smart person who knows all the president’s weaknesses, he had separated him from the people and holds him, as they say, “frightened”: ‘those are bad, these are bad, too’.

It knows that the most important thing is to come to Sovmen before the others and to report. Then you will appear right. But I’ve always spoken: there are too little chances to report before Tuguz. That is his man’s will: to sit all day long under the president’s door.

Now Tuguz actually enjoys all the powers in his hands. He reports the president about the situation, proceeding from his own reasons, treats all in his own way and, naturally, having listened to him, Sovmen makes decisions prepared by his adviser. How could you try to stand near Sovmen in such situation? Any success of another person for these people is unacceptable, inadmissible. It, this success, even is hated.

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