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After appearance of the idea of inclusion of the state of Circassia into the computer strategy "The Medieval Wars II" the creators of the mode "Fire and Sword" in the famous game "Total Wars" expressed their desire to place this campaign in their new game, too. The president of the Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood (WCB) Zamir Shuhov informed that to Natpress.

One of the administrators of the mode "Fire and Sword" Artem Merchenko - lawyer and developer of the computer military-historical strategic modes (in combination) told representative of the WCB about the project and its creation: "The purpose of our mode "Fire and Sword" is to let know people, especially young, by means of the very interesting game, the real history of our peoples.

We would like to promote the interest to the ancestors’ life and the further deep studying of the history of our people and the next ethnoses.

The mode will be distributed abroad, too; that will help the foreigners to learn more about us. Unfortunately, the developed stereotype of the foreigners’ opinion about citizens of Russia or the CIS countries consists of vodka, caviar, cap with earlaps, and balalaika – that is, perhaps, all what they know about us.

The epoch mentioned in the game "Fire and Sword" is fanned by romanticism. New war methods of the West collide with the old well-tested methods from the military traditions of the East. Regular armies battle to the desperate rebels. The small states try to survive in the epicentre of the great wars of "the mighties of this world". Muskets and artillery become the dominating weapons on the battlefields. Introduction of bayonet as well as new methods of the cavalry fight.

Classical field battles with thundering cannonades and crash of the ruffle volleys. Fields, covered with smokes – this is the atmosphere of our mode.

At creation the mode we used a plenty of the scientific materials of professional historians and reconstructers. In fact, working on each fraction-nation we try to involve advisers from the same nation-state, believing that nobody knows history of that people better than the straight representatives of the scientific elite of that people.

We are advised by the historians and are helped by the volunteers from Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Greece, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

Actually each of the curators of the directions (the leader of a command responsible for certain fraction or a number of fractions) can easily write a dissertation.

A series of the military-historical strategic simulators ‘Total War’ is the quintessence of all the best in the genre of the games-strategies. This series had already become platinum for a long time ago and it continues to beat records of popularity with creation of every new part of the series.

One of the reasons of such rough glory is the opportunity to get modifications that allows average people to set up any conditions, add new types of the armies, constructions and all the rest for various tastes. I think, our mode will take a worthy place among the admirers of the series, too and even more – will become a hit.

Creation of the game "Fire and Sword" had required almost full alteration of the base TW-graphics and the AI-adjustments; therefore it was created long - for three years. Members of our command in some way were at various times about thirty people - an amateur group of the adherents connected by the generality of the interests.

When we had learned about development of the mode "Circassia" in the game "The Medieval Wars", we decided to include the state of Circassia in our mode, too because it will bring significant revival and balance of the forces in the East of the strategic map of our game. Circassia becomes an original historical link between the two largest fractions of the region: Ivan Grozny's Moscow Empire and the European Ottoman Empire of the descendants of the Sultan Suleiman "Magnificent".

Circassia will be interesting to the players because of its novelty and it will open new horizons of studying the history of the Northern Caucasus. The providence of Circassia is very fascinating and full of the events important for the whole region and moreover – the whole world.

Besides we aspire to make our mode correspond in the closest ways to the real history, to create it according to the authentic political, economic, demographic and the military conditions; and without Circassia as an independent, strong and unique country, it will be impossible to do.

During 1569-1700 Circassia played a significant role in the political life not only of Caucasus, but the whole Eastern Europe. One only marriage of the prince Temryuk’s daughter and the Great Moscow tsar was very important. For us it is very important to achieve a thin balance between staginess, historicity and the gameplay rules".

"We count very much on cooperation with the Worldwide Circassian Brotherhood. So representatives of this public organization at the very beginning have already proved as experts in the history of Circassians (Adygs), have given us a plenty of information and have very seriously concerned to our project.

We hope for the long-term cooperation, both within the limits of development of the mode, and in the wider scale of interaction of our portals and information interchange", - Artem Merchenko pointed in his letter.

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