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A compromise among the branches of the political parties, which will participate in the December elections in Adygeya, could not be achieved. That opinion was stated in the interview to “Caucasian unit” correspondent by the leader of the regional branch of the political party "Patriots of Russia " Askerbiy Adjighireev.

As he said, the branch would expose its own regional list of the candidates, though there would be practically no chances for the victory.

The main task of the branch of the party is to get in the State Duma of the federal list of "Patriots of Russia". For that purpose they should get across Russia 7 percents of votes of the voters. In Adygeya the leader of the branch hopes for greater result - approximately 12 percents.

The correct way of achievement of that object, as A. Adjighireev considered, is to consolidate the patriots of Russia, which are lots of in political party or a public organization. "Taking into account it, - he said, - we have invited to the report-elective conference, carried out on the last days off, the representatives of all available in the republic branches of parties, public organizations, and practically the whole Public council of Maykop".

"We’ve held a conference: the report and the elections of our branch of the party with the presence of the invited, demonstrating our openness, - A. Adjighireev emphasized. - We elected by secret voting of the head, ratified the regional list of the candidates for the deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation".

In the opinion of the leader of the party, there are many patriots, in that quota of the voters, who refuse to go to elections. Now in the elections hardly 45 percents of the voters participate. In the regions that number is lesser. If to compare, for example, participation of the voters in France, where in the last presidential elections 87 percents voted, a question occurs, what caused such a difference. The answer, as A. Adjighireev considers, is obvious, the main reason is apathy of the population. And the authorities are guilty in it as such situation is favourable to them. Using it, the authorities by small number of votes prolongs their powers.

In the created situation "United Russia", "Fair Russia", and the Communist party of Russian Federation have the benefits, the chief of the branch of " Patriots of Russia" approved. In the whole the situation suits them, say, that their candidates pass into the State Duma without problems. And to change the situation in the country, which, at the end, leads to the further plunder of Russia, to its disorder, or to rotate they are not going.

To struggle with that it is possible only with the help of public councils, with the help of consolidation of the healthy public forces, which today are among the outsiders, A. Adjighireev considers.

As to the compromise among the branches of the parties, offered by the republican branch of "United Russia", A. Adjighireev notified the following. Recently in connection to the December elections to the State Duma of Russian Federation the Central selective commission of Adygeya gathered the representatives of the party branches. At the meeting they discussed the legislative aspect of the elections, about changes in the law about elections of the deputies of the State Duma. The chief of the regional executive committee of "United Russia" Alexander Lusin in his performance, in particular, reminded that in the present situation the candidates from Adygeya have very few chances of getting the mandates of the State Duma of Russian Federation. If the regional branch of any party did not get more than 100 thousand votes, the republic will remain not submitted in the federal legislative body. And to get such quantity of votes, the branches of the parties should form a common regional list of the candidates.

"Such compromise is unacceptable for us, - the chief of the branch of "Patriots of Russia" told. - Who adopted that law, according to which Adygeya is actually deprived with the rights to have its deputy? "United Russia" with its majority in the State Duma of Russian Federation did. And now we should support that? But what can it offer to adopt tomorrow, if it win, thanking such compromises? Unless a complete cancellation of elections".

Let's remind, the leaders of the other two large branches of the parties in the republic - the Communist party of Russian Federation and "Fair Russia" have also declared that they prepared the own regional lists, and they would participate in the December elections independently.


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