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The plans about construction of a mountain-ski complex "Oshten" in Adygeya practically do not concern the territory of the Caucasian bio-spherical natural park. About it “Caucasian unit” correspondent was informed by the chairman of the republican committee on tourism Vladimir Petrov.

As he said, they are directly connected to construction of a ring motorway under the federal program "South of Russia": stanitsa Dahovskaya, Guzeripl settlement, Lago-Naki plateau and stanitsa Dahovskaya again. As a matter of fact, the routes Dahovskaya-Guzeripl and Dahovskaya - Lago-Naki actually function, and the question is about 18 km road from Guzeripl to Lago-Naki.

The first stage of construction of that road, the chairman of the committee told, should be completed this year, and the second - in the following.

A hotel complex, V. Petrov added, is planned to place on Jarovaya Glade, a skating rink - in a vale between mountains Guzeripl and Oshten, and in whole all the constructions will be settled down by "enter" to the plateau. The conditions in that territory though are less unique, than, on the plateau, but very good, too. The difference of the heights makes about 600 meters, so for sliding and skiing that is more, than enough. Thus, the snow on the mountainside keeps till June.

As to the territory of the plateau, according to the head of the committee, it has some ‘minuses’. There are rather strong winds there, he explained, that could complicate using of a funicular, which operation must be forbidden at the wind speed of over 15 meters a second. Besides that territory is disputable. So, certainly, as long as the legal question is not solved, to connect with it any development plans will be unreasonable.

If to the construction of a skating rink on Lago-Naki plateau from the part of Krasnodar territories, the head of the committee added, they have similar conditions. The territory should have capital structures settled at entering the plateau - in Apsheronsky area.

They should make active work above the project of “Oshten” complex, in V. Petrov’s opinion, for many reasons. First of all, it connects with the Olympic victory of Sochi. "It is understandable, - “Caucasian unit” correspondent’s interlocutor said, - that during the Olympic games Red Glade would have not managed to receive all the wishing". And if to do work fast, already by the end of 2010 "Oshten" could begin accepting mountain-skiers.

On tentative estimations, the head of the committee explained, the complex would cost about 15-20 million euro. It will be designed for 1500 skiers, and as much the ski amateurs could be received by private hotels. The planned annual profit budget of the complex would be about 1 billiard rubles, incomes to the republican budget - up to 200 million rubles that would make about 15 % of the profitable part of the whole republican budget.

In total the Committee on tourism of Adygeya will present 3 investment platforms at the Sochi economic forum. It will pass from September 20 till September 23 this year, V. Petrov added. The largest investment project concerns the complex "Oshten", more modest one - at Hadzhoh station, the smallest of the projects is in the former camp site "Romantica". That is, he explained, they are versatile platforms in the sphere of tourist servicing and designed for different opportunities of the investors.

As a whole such approach to tourism, the head of the committee considered, could make it the leading for the other branches of republican economy. First of all, for the agriculture of the republic. If now, producing a lot of agricultural products, Adygeya faces the problem of their realization in the other regions, then, under condition of development of the tourist sphere, the republic would get a solid "internal" market.


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