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The official order of the Cabinet of ministers Adygeya, dated March 12 this year in relation to the territory of Lago-Naki plateau, approved new land-surveying of the territory, will not be authorized by the federal centre. Such opinion was stated by the director of the Caucasian bio-spherical nature reserve Nicolay Eskin to “Caucasian unit” correspondent.

"There is a verdict of the arbitration court, which obliges the Cabinet of ministers to carry out definition of structure of the lands given the nature reserve, - he notified. - Such definition, really, is made through land-surveying. But we suppose that this land-surveying was made with some infringements. The Caucasian nature reserve rejected agreement; nevertheless, the land site was officially registered".

N. Eskin explained that during the present land-surveying 2 ground areas were fixed. The first one (over 10 thousand hectares) according to the plan of the organizers, should remain at disposal of the republican authorities. The second one - in 6,5 thousand hectares – is planned to give the Caucasian nature reserve. "Certainly, - the director of the nature reserve said, - we can not agree with such land-surveying of the territory".

In general, according to the director, decision on territorial expansion of any nature reserves must be made by the Government of Russian Federation. That means that the order of the republican Cabinet of ministers from March 12 can be considered only as a preparation to an offer about fixing of new borders of the nature reserve. That’s why the republican government, on the data of the nature reserve, had sent corresponding documents to the federal centre.

However, as N. Eskin told, in his opinion, the federal centre should reject Adygeya in satisfaction. There is, he said, an instruction signed by one of the chiefs of the Federal environment and nature using supervision service concerned that the nature reserve should be given in its disposal the whole Lago-Naki plateau. That is with the same land area that the republican authorities are going to have theirs.

In N. Eskin’s opinion it is difficult to say how the lands transfer, more precisely, appropriate registration on transfer of those lands, would be organized. "Maybe, that would be negotiations, - he said, - maybe, that would be the judicial order. That could depend on the position of the Federal environment and nature using supervision service".

"It is clear, - the director of the nature reserve notified thus, - that Adygeya must develop. And it needs territories for this purpose. And it tries to receive them in such way. To return those lands. And for such attempts they create an opportunity for ambiguity and mistakes in the legal documentation on transferring Lago-Naki to our nature reserve".

Let's remind, the case on transfer of Lago-Naki plateau to the Caucasian bio-spherical nature reserve is conducted for a long time. As its culmination moment it is possible to consider the act of transfer signed by the first president of Adygeya Aslan Djarimov and his government in the end of the 90s. Since that time the actual owner of the plateau was the nature reserve.

However documents on land transfer were formed with gross blunders. The question was about two land sites – Lago-Naki plateau (16,8 thousand hectares) and Bambaki gorge (1,2 thousand hectares).

But Bambaki gorge, on the one hand, is not situated in Lago-Naki plateau. On the other hand, to the moment of creation of the documents it had been already belonged to the nature reserve, and "was transferred"("handed") for a second time. By virtue of it in many subsequent documents the area of the plateau was specified not at a rate of 16,8 thousand hectares, and 18 thousand, i.e. plus the gorge.

Right after coming to powers of the second Adygeya president Khazret Sovmen cancelled the decision of his predecessor. However he lost all the litigations taken place during his staying at authority.

The new Adygeya government, executing the decisions of those litigations, offered an original compromise, which, judging to the answers of the director of the nature reserve, does not satisfy him.


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