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The Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov should not head the republican branch of "United Russia" and the party list of that branch prepared for the December elections of the deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation of V convocation. That opinion was stated on August 30 to “Caucasian unit” correspondent by the secretary of the republican committee of the Communist Party of Russian Federation Grigoriy Senin.

"He (president) neither should leave the politics, - he said. – To my mind, that is a mistake. But it does not mean that he should be outside of the politics". As the leader of the Adygeya communists supposed, such obvious preference of one of the political parties in the republic would not serve to the further public consent among the present political forces. The leader of the republic, remaining a member of the party, could have some closer position to the other parties, too.

"Yes, - Grigoriy Senin said, - in the last summer, coming to the authority, Aslan Tkhakushinov had consolidated the public and the political parties. He was supported, including the republican communists. But it does not mean that the same thing would take place in this December during the elections of the deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation of V convocation. And if they accounted on that it would take place all the same, it is incorrect".

"We not suicides, - the leader of the republican the Communist Party of Russian Federation explained, - we shall not support the party list of "United Russia". That is not allowed by the law which forbids formation of pre-election blocks. Therefore the branch of the Communist Party of Russian Federation at its session (August 31), most likely, will make decision to promote in the elections independently".

As to the elective association with the other regions, that, in the opinion of the secretary of the Adygeya republican committee, for the Communist Party of Russian Federation it would be inexpedient to unite the regional groups of the Kaliningrad area and Adygeya. They are remote from each other so their interaction would be rather complicated. Besides the voters of Adygeya, sympathizing the Communist Party of Russian Federation, would not change much for promotion of the party list of the citizens of Kaliningrad.

There would be some point in uniting with the branch of the communist party of Krasnodar Region, the interlocutor added. But the law does not allow that, too.

By virtue of all of that, Grigoriy Senin notified, the republican branch of the Communist Party of Russian Federation, having exposed its regional list, will work in the framework of the federal list.

In the opinion of the leader of the republican communists, the other parties - participants of the elections - would do the same. As a result of that Adygeya could remain without its deputy in the State Duma.

Let's note, the regional branch of "United Russia", probably, would be headed by the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov. Corresponding offer was sounded at the conference of the branch of the party in his speech by the leader of the party until recently Ruslan Hadjebiekov.

"In connection to the growing tasks of the regional branch of the party "United Russia", - he said, - I find it expedient to concentrate in the hands of the first person of our republic the party’s authority, too".

On the same day the participants of the political council of the branch ratified the party list of the personnel reserve for the subsequent promotion candidates for the deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation. That list consisting of 9 men, appeared to be also headed by the president.

At the congress of the party "United Russia", which will pass on October 2 in Moscow, from that list they should elect so-called the regional three, it was told at the conference. The second person in the adopted list is the present deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation Nicolay Demchuk, whose term of the powers expires in December. The third one is Alexander Luzin, heading the fraction of “United Russia” in the Adygeya parliament.

Meanwhile, it became known that the authorities really make the rate on association of the political forces during the time of the elections. According to the vice-president of the International Circassian Association, the vice-president of the public movement "Adyghe Khase" Nalbiy Guchetl, at the Maykop town public council on September 10 representatives of the public organizations are going to act with offer to discuss the one nominee from Adygeya.

"It is necessary to develop a uniform concept to elect really from among us a man, which could represent the interests of different parties, and the whole people living on territory of Adygeya", - he said.

In Nalbiy Guchetl’s opinion, "it is not important, of what part, what nationality there will be a candidate; as it is important to keep in the parliament of the country its own regional representative, otherwise everybody will lose, and the most important the people will lose".


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