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The Economic forum of Adygs-foreigners, earlier planned in Maykop (Adygeya) for the end of October, then - for middle of November, was postponed again. It was confirmed to «Caucasian unit» correspondent by the minister of economic development and trade Aslan Matyzhev.

The minister answered the question concerned detention at the Sochi airport of the president of «Adyghe Khase» Federation of Turkey Djihan Djandemir that he was not ready to make any comments on actions of the special services. About what time the forum was postponed he said: «On uncertain term».

Djihan Djandemir, the member of Russian-Turkish business council, vice-president of one of the leading corporations of Turkey had been detained at the Sochi airport on September 19. He was sent back to Turkey on September 24.

The members of the delegations from Adygeya, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachaevo-Circassia unsuccessfully tried to release the delegate. He had met in Istanbul the governmental delegation of Adygeya led by the speaker of the republican parliament Ruslan Hadjebiekov, who within the framework of preparation for the mentioned business-forum visited Turkey, Syria and Jordan in the beginning of the this summer.

In the Sochi department of the FSB they said to the delegates (which asked to not reveal their names) that their chief was in a trip, and only he could solve the question.

Let's note, earlier, on May 30, 2006, the frontier guards had already broke realization of the Adygeyan business-forum in Maykop. Then in the examination hall the president of the known group of the enterprises «Elimsan», Turkish industrialist of Adygeyan origin Muzaffer Avdji (Dzyba) was detained. He went to Maykop to meet with a group of the deputies, and to discuss process of the forum’s organization, its terms and other organizational questions.

Muzaffer Dzyba had been a regular visitor of Adygeya, the Black sea Shapsugia, Karachaevo-Circassia, Kabardino-Balkaria. His attempts to invest in the Adygeya economy had been undertaken in the beginning the 90s. However, having met with the first person of the republic, the industrialist made a conclusion that the time of the investments had not come yet.

After rotation of the state authority in Adygeya in 2002 attempts of attraction in the republican economy were made by the Adygeyan foreign business at the public level. Under its initiative the meeting of the industrialist with the then prime minister of the republic Nickolai Demchuk (nowadays - deputy of the State Duma of Russian Federation – «Caucasian unit» comment) was organized.

During that meeting the parties agreed that at the present stage it was possible to talk not only about cooperation with one firm, but also, for example, with the Circassian club of the businessmen «Kafiat», uniting about 50 industrialists of Turkey. Therefore the result of meeting was the arrangement that in Maykop in the nearest future a forum of the businessmen of Adygs-foreigners would be organized.

However to hold that forum neither in the nearest, nor in the subsequent time appeared to be impossible.

In March, 2005 the Adygeyan public promoted a trip of the Adygeya governmental delegation (headed by the then prime minister of the republic Asfar Hagur) to Istanbul. The delegation visited the exhibition of scientific and technical achievements, and such enterprises as «Ulker», «Uki», «Elimsan».

Those enterprises have multimillion budgets, deliver production to many countries and are headed by the ethnic Adygs, who consider as a perspective direction of their business development promotion of the communications with their historical native land - Adygeya, Northern Caucasus, and in the wider plan – the whole Russian Federation.

Result of that trip to Turkey should become answer-back visit in June of the same year, during which a joint completion of the investment offers of the foreign industrialists was planned. About it after arrival to Maykop the head of the republican cabinet ministers informed.

But that arrangement remained without logic continuation, too. Several days later in the SFD a meeting devoted to the questions of investment took place. At that meeting with the report on trip the prime minister of Adygeya acted. After the meeting the agreements concerned the Adygs’ foreign investments were not sounded publicly by the premier any more.

The present minister of NatPressregional development Dmitry Kozak held that meeting in Kavminvody.

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