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Construction in Adygeya of a road to the elite mountain-skiing complex "Lunnaya Glade" proceeds, whereas the state control bodies stay idle, being afraid of touching some interests of the Management of affairs of the president of Russia. Such conclusion was made by the Ecological Watch in the Northern Caucasus on the eve after a meeting of the Adygeya republican leadership in the Ministry of natural resources of Russian Federation.

According to the coordinator of the Ecological Watch Andrei Rudomaha, the road’s construction came closely to the borders of the Caucasian natural reserve, the camp of the road builders (workers of the company "Autoban-south") was placed on the place of the former shelter Vodopadniy in several hundreds meters from the borders of the Caucasian natural reserve. He was informed that by tourists visited the place of the road’s construction.

"About illegality of construction of this road in the territory of the natural complex "Upper flows of rivers Psheha and Pshehashkha" (which, alongside with the Caucasian state reserve, was announced in 1999 a component of the object of the World Natural Heritage "Western Caucasus"), - he explained, - we had declared about a half a month ago. On October 9 the fact was recognized illegal by the Ministry of natural resources of Russia. However the road’s construction proceeds".

The reason, in the ecologist’s opinion, was obvious - unwillingness to interfere in the conflict to the interests of Management of affairs of the President of Russia. "Its chief Vadim Kozhin, - the ecologist added, - personally supervises this construction, which should promote the transport communication with the elite mountain-skiing complex "Lunnaya Glade", illegally constructed on the territory of the Caucasian state natural reserve".

During the last time the Ecological Watch in the Northern Caucasus had addressed with the question to the bodies of the office of public prosecutor, the Russian nature control (Rosprirodnadzor), the Russian technical control (Rostechnadzor), the Russian agricultural control (Rosselhoznadzor), and to the Caucasian state natural reserve. No one of the specified bodies of the state authority has undertaken any measures on suppression of that illegal road construction.

In reply to the official letter of the Ecological Watch in the Northern Caucasus some formal checks that had not brought any effective results, were carried out, - Andrei Rudomaha said.

More or less adequate answer was received only from the Caucasian reserve, he believed. In it in particular it was spoken: "there can not be any lawful construction of this road on the territory of the Caucasian state natural reserve. In case of attempts of construction of the road in infringement of the nature protection legislation the Caucasian reserve is going to initiate adequate measures to the infringers".

The responsibility for suppression of the construction on the territory of the site of the World Natural Heritage, first of all, belongs to the Management of the Rosprirodnadzor across Adygeya and personally its chief – Georgy Kozmenko, the leader of the ecological organization commented. "Being informed about the plans of construction of the road on the nature protection territory, he did not undertake any measures for its suppression either at the stage of its coordination, and at the stage of its construction", - the ecologist stated.

The committed offence was revealed not by the state department he headed, and the public, the interlocutor emphasized. And even now, when the fact of infringement of the law was recognized, the actions - punishable as criminal ones - are still carried out with connivance of the mentioned department and the others responsible (or irresponsible?) state bodies of Adygeya authority.

"The Republic of Adygeya protects its own interests. But why the federal official Georgy Kozmenko does not carry out his official duties, who or what prevents him of doing that is a great question, the ecologist supposed.

Not less ‘teeth-less’, in his opinion, is the work in this situation of the Office of public prosecutor of Adygeya Republic and the Northern-Caucasian management of the Rostechnadzor. The replies the Ecological Watch received from those departments, he said, testified that they were not going to undertake any effective measures for discontinuance of such lawlessness, too.

In the opinion of those state control departments, what happens now in the upper flow of river Psheha, is only "a civil works of structure correction of the existing timber-transporting road", Andrei Rudomaha told.

The centre of the UNESCO World Heritage was concerned with the fact of destruction of the unique natural complexes in the upper flow of river Psheha, and they had already sent in that occasion a missive addressed to the constant representative of Russia by the UNESCO Vladimir Kalamanov, the head of the Ecological Watch explained. Russia has nothing to get justified before the UNESCO - the situation in the territory of the object of the Heritage "Western Caucasus" worsens each day more and more, he said.

The situation with construction of the road to the presidential complex "Lunnaya Glade" on the territory of the World Natural Heritage extremely evidently shows complete neglect of the Russian authorities to preservation of the natural values having the global importance for the world community, he considered.

"The President of Russia Vladimir Putin (for which rest the mountain-skiing complex "Lunnaya Glade" is being constructed), - the ecologist reminded, - as a guarantor of the Russian legality, was obliged to stop initially that construction in the territory of the state reserve. The reserves exist in Russia not for the presidential summer residences and elite resort places, but for preservation of the unique natural complexes and objects as national property".

"However, - Andrei Rudomaha said, - the president has not made it either then, when illegally the elite mountain-skiing complex had been constructed, and now, when the road to that complex is under construction”.

And as long as that construction was "covered" by the Management on affairs of the president of Russia, the leader of the Ecological Watch believed, the state control bodies would be afraid to lift a hand against the lawlessness made on behalf of the president, would be doomed to "blindness" that attacked them not allowing any state department "to find out" the fact of illegal construction of the road in the territory of the World Natural Heritage.

Let's note, on the day of the mentioned meeting in the Ministry of natural resources of Russian Federation - October 9, in Moscow in Georgievsky hall of the Kremlin the ceremony of handing of the state awards of Russian Federation took place. Among the awarded persons there was the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov. The award "For merits before Fatherland" of the 4th degree was solemnly handed to him by the president of Russia Vladimir Putin.


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