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The economic forum for Adygs from foreign countries in Maykop should be held in the spring of the next year, the assistant chief of the Regional development Agency of Adygeya Ilias Soobtsokov considered. In the end of the present autumn it would be better to organize "round table" with the leaders of the Adygeyan Diaspora, businessmen, with invitation of such outstanding political figures as the deputy of Europarliament Jem Ozdemir.

"Participating in the Sochi economic forum, - he told in the conversation with “Caucasian unit” correspondent, - I was interested, who from among the Adygs of our Diaspora took part in it. Knowing Djihan Djandemir personally and remembering his intention to arrive there, I more than once called him by phone, but he appeared "outside of the zone". Only in Maykop I learnt that he was detained".

According to Ilias Soobtsokov, from the very beginning the agency was against realization of the economic forum in Maykop this autumn – against such "hasty" approach. Preparation, including resolution of the customs and the boundary questions, should have been undertaken first. In order to prevent detention of the persons important for Adygeya, and to let them come with "hurrah".

"At first at the Krasnodar airport they detained big Turkish businessman (corr.: Muzaffer Avdji), who could not have reached Adygeya, - the interlocutor said. - Then they did not pass through the border another one. And now it turns out that a foreigner would not simply get into the building of Adygeya Government, if for 10 days he did not inform officially about the purpose of his visit".

Such instruction is not the feature of Adygeya only, he added: "But just imagine a foreign investor, who has to wait so much time to present his business offers". And there is a lot of such "overlays".

By virtue of all those circumstances, in the interlocutor’s opinion, the question should concern not the date of realization of the economic forum, and its quality of its preparation - both from the party of the republic, and businessmen of Adygeyan Diaspora.

Thus the agency insisted on conducting the dialogue with the businessmen from the Diaspora the way it would be conducted with any businessmen of the other nationalities. For that purpose the agency should promote preparation of the projects, investment platforms, and other conditions to make the conversation subjective.

Besides before realization of the forum in the countries of Adygs’ compact residing, say, it would be necessary to sign contracts with consulting firms or with specially founded representations. The preparatory works should be started beforehand.

"For today, - he mentioned, - we do not know the format of the businessmen -our compatriots’ economic interests, in what branches of economy they are interested to work. This and other information should be generated on the places so we could have opportunities to accumulate it in our republic".

In that connection, this summer trip to the countries of Adygeyan Diaspora (corr.: tour of the Adygeya governmental delegation to Turkey, Syria and Jordan), did not result actually, except for the next series of some unfruitful negotiations, the assistant chief said.

The question of “Caucasian unit" correspondent about the statement of the agency head Ghissa Baste that "there had been already ripened the question on creation at the republican level of a separate ministry of regional development" and question about how such expansion of powers could speed up resolution of the problem concerned interdictions for visiting of the compatriots, the interlocutor said the following:

"Increase of the status of the agency up to the ministerial is necessary in order to let the department solve the current problems easier in the framework of the republican government, together with the government. Now many of such questions are not solved because of some functionary problems. And this happens to our agency, which is obliged to be engaged in it. And what may we say about the investors?"

"As to the question of "permitted" or "not permitted" to come to us our compatriots, - he added, - It should be solved at the federal level. And once and for all, with designation that Adygs-businessmen, who want to arrive to their historical native land, should have not a priority, and constant "green light" for coming here.

"To my mind, - he said, - these incidents are connected basically to the next regions, which excessively zealously concern to the compatriots - Adygs. But we not simply declaratively proclaim about our friendship with Krasnodar Region, and if we sign the correspondent document, it should have legal force after all. So those actions, already allowed on our border, should have concrete consequences".


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