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In Adygeya there is no public organization engaged in issues of the victims of the Stalin reprisals, “Caucasian unit" correspondent informed. However their rights are fully observed, the workers of the corresponding structures of the ministry of inner affairs and the office of public prosecutor of the republic suppose.

As the employee of the Management of the Federal registration service across Adygeya Angelika Brantova stated, in the republic there had been such public organization till the end 2003 - beginning of 2004. It was liquidated according to a court’s verdict. The head of that public organization - an elderly woman, probably, because of her illness, probably, for more tragic reason had not prolonged registration of the organization.

"The organization then remained in one number, - the interlocutor explained. - Documents concerned this organization were handed over in the archive".

The former head of the Commission on pardon questions at the Adygeya president Medjid Tkhagapsov, who was engaged on the facultative basis in issues of the victims of political reprisals, said that he left that post about a year ago. Now the post is vacant, but it should be occupied by the ex-public prosecutor of the republic Michael Prihlenko.

"Maybe, as a worker of the office of public prosecutor (corr.: occupied the post of the public prosecutor of Adygeya till the end of September of this year), he will manage to do more, than I could”, - he said.

The chief of the department of the office of public prosecutor on affairs of the victims of political reprisals Kazbek Paranuk had not dared to answer, for example, such questions as: "How many victims of political reprisals were there in Adygeya", "What quantity from among them were officially shot dead", "did they pay victims of political reprisals indemnifications", "what is their social status". At the same time he assured that all necessary for that category of citizens in the republic is done in time.

He had headed the named department a month ago, and to answer such questions it should be necessary to send an inquiry addressed to the public prosecutor of the republic (corr.: who has been supervising that state department hardly more than month, too). As to the historical questions, all the archival data could be found in the ministry of inner affairs of the republic.

The head of the information department of the ministry of inner affairs of the republic Yuriy Nesterov said that the structure, he represented, was engaged in the problems of a part of the victims of political reprisals, subjected to that so to say in "administrative order". They meant those cases, as he said, when the verdicts were accepted by so-called "threes".

There is no archive in the ministry of inner affairs of Adygeya, he informed. Before creation of the republic the documents were stored in Krasnodar, it had not been changed after creation of the department in the republic in 1992. "When we need something, we require the information in Krasnodar", - the interlocutor told.

The doctor of historical degree Tatiana Hlynina, specializing on the theme, stated that she had not full information about the total number of the victims of political reprisals, too. Her works are devoted to the daily life in the times of the Stalin epoch. And the reprisals were only one of the problems of her works.

Yuriy Bessonov, an ex-worker of the Adygeya office of public prosecutor, as she said, in 2002 had a small brochure – a documentary story, called "Adygeyan case of 1937". Partially, having limited with newspaper publications, historian Muhammed Shebzuhov (now dead) was engaged in the problems of the reprisals.

In fact in the republic today no one is engaged in the problem of the victims of political reprisals. Anyway, the interlocutor did not know such. In Krasnodar, she said, there is society "Memorial", which spends annual conferences devoted to the theme.

The last year such theme the organization proclaimed at its conference the large-scaled terror in the region in 1937. The conference organized this year, passed on last Saturday and Sunday, was devoted to the massive collectivization.

During the reprisals in Adygeya many people suffered after "verification of the party documents", in the events connected with "Adygeyan case", which were two. In a separate campaign they repressed the educated people - teachers, workers of printing houses and employees of the other professions, she mentioned.

Hakurate, then the leader of Adygeya, died by natural death in 1935. And the reprisals in Adygeya were initiated a little bit later – starting with the case of Sheboldaev – the chief of Azovian-Black sea regional committee of the communist party, T. Hlynina explained.

In the framework of the first "Adygeyan case" all the party leadership of the autonomous area, from the chief of the party organization Movchan - for cooperation with Hakurate - was “cleaned out”. In the second case – they liquidated the chiefs of the regional party organizations, executive committees and other bodies of authority.

They were made fault very much. The party organization and the area executive committee were accused of preparation of an armed revolt with the purpose of overthrowing the Soviet authority. There were also incriminated with illegal connections with Turkey. For example, the military commissariat of Adygeya was accused of creation national divisions. In relation to ordinary employees they applied the formulation widespread then: "political short-sightedness".

Let's note, October 29 – is the Day of memory of the victims of political reprisals of 1937. The mournful event is 70.


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