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The delegation of Adygeya at the exhibition of industrial production, projects and technologies of Turkey “OLYMPEXPO-2008”, organized in Krasnodar on September, 25-27th as it could seem, was in the focus of attention not because that had been conceived initially, and by virtue of the developed circumstances.

The other regions of the South of Russia, except for, naturally, Krasnodar Region, did not take part in that exhibition.

According to the first assistant to the head of Maykop municipality Jury Autlev, the basic meetings were on the first day of the work of the exhibition. Then he was acquainted with the Turkish businessman of Adygeyan origin, appeared in the structure of the Turkish delegation. He did not know whether there were other Adygs in that delegation.

The Maykop inhabitant, the repatriate from Turkey, Nedzhded Meshvez noted that, really, in the structure of the delegation there were visitors Adygs. They were the father and the son from Hatukaevs’ kin - his former fellow villagers. Actually, he owing to them also visited the exhibition. He invited his old friends to Maykop in his turn. But, having agreed, after the exhibition they refused to go.

As it was published on the web-site of Maykop administration, the exhibition “OLYMPEXPO-2008” was organized under patronage of the Secretary on Foreign trade affairs at the Ministerial council of Turkey, the Turkish-Russian business Council and the Commercial and industrial chamber of Russia.

In the dialogue with representatives of Adygeya the assistant to the Secretary of foreign trade secretariat of the government of Republic of Turkey A.Koten, the co-chairman of the Turkish -Russian business council, the Committee on foreign economic relations of Republic of Turkey T.Gyur, the sales representative of the General Consulate of Republic of Turkey in Novorossisk A.I.Chalykoglu participated.

The delegation of Adygeya was represented by the honourable chairman of the Commercial and industrial chamber of Adygeya, the first assistant to head of municipality "Town of Maykop" Y.Autlev, the first deputy minister of construction, transport and road facilities of Adygeya A.Abregov and the assistant to head of municipality "Town of Maykop" on construction and investments A.Krytsyn.

“Representatives of the both parties highly estimated the opportunities which are opened for the business community of the two republics owing to the exhibition “OLYMPEXPO-2008”, - it was also stated on the web-site. - The beginning to the fruitful cooperation of the businessmen of Turkey and Adygeya was founded in the 90s of the XX century, and the both parties are interested in the further expansion and development of the partner relations”.

“Adygeya has the best conditions for investments, - Turgut Gyur estimated the potential of the republic. - In Adygeya there is the infrastructure suitable for development of the industry, convenient territories, and the transport network. At last, in the republic hospitable, clever, talented people live - and that is a guarantee of formation not only of the effective business environment, but also the atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding”.

In his turn Aslan Abregov, deputy minister of construction, transport and road facilities of Adygeya declared readiness of the Adygeya government to promote business development and establishment of contacts to representatives of the foreign business, including Turkish one.

The assistant to the Maykop town head Alexey Krytsyn told about the investment opportunities of Adygeya capital. He named the industries which received the greatest development in the territory of the town among which in the leading positions construction and timber industries are.

Krytsyn also told about those investment projects and platforms which Maykop had presented at the International investment forum "Sochi-2008". Thus he emphasized that almost all the platforms are equipped with the ready infrastructure that gives them special investment appeal.

“The administration of municipal formation “Town of Maykop” is interested in establishment partner relations with you, - he addressed to the Turkish businessmen. - We are always open for dialogue and ready to create all the conditions for effective cooperation”.

Let's note, the co-chairman of the Turkish-Russian business council Turgut Gyur has already business in Adygeya. He is the owner of a bags manufacturing factory.


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