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Adygeya management of woods made an order about the "immediate" discontinuance of wood cutting in the territory of the object of the World natural heritage "Western Caucasus". However, as the ecologists’ check, lead two days after that order was signed, proved, really it had been executed yet.

According to the order # 61 it was necessary "to stop immediately all the works on deforestation", "to drive out immediately all the technical equipment engaged in deforestation from the territory of the object of the World natural heritage "Western Caucasus". It is a question of the nature sanctuaries "Upper flows of the Rivers Pshekha and Pshekhashha" (quarter # 41, 43-54 of Tsitsinsky local forest area), "Riverhead Tsitse" (quarter # 26, 27, 30, 31, 32) and the security zone of the Caucasian reserve (quarter # 29,33-37, 38, 39, 42).

According to the Ecological Watch across Northern Caucasus, the order was signed on November, 13th as a result of the negotiations of the Ecological Watch with the head of the woods management of Adygeya Rashid Belmehov. In the inspections followed then the co-chairman of the International Socially-ecological Union Valery Brinikh and the coordinator of the Ecological Watch Andrey Rudomakha participated.

As it was stated in the information, Brinikh and Rudomakha handed over to the representatives of all the timber brigades the copies of the order of the woods management of Adygeya # 61, “with the purpose to let them directly know about the instruction to stop completely deforestation”.

Members of the public inspection examined places of deforestation in 45-th and 48-th quarters of Tsitsinsky forest area in the territory of the nature sanctuary "Upper flows of the Rivers Pshekha and Pshekhashha". "That day the brigaded of the lumberers K.Portalyan, P.Parinov, R.Melidonyan working on forest areas of the State Unitary Enterprise "Kurdzhipsky timber enterprise" operated”, - the ecologists stated.

The representatives of the ecological organizations also examined the territory of the nature sanctuary of "Riverhead Tsitse" and the security zone of the Caucasian reserve. “In this nature sanctuary the facts of mass deforestation of the wood has not been revealed”, - it was stated in their report.

In the territory of the security zone of the Caucasian reserve in the valley of the river Shumichka deforestation is presumably conducted. About it, in the ecologists’ opinion, presence of the special timber technical equipment, fresh traces of its using and the cut down wood in the bottom warehouse located near with building of Maykopsky water-supply system testify.

“However it was not possible to find out that precisely because of the lack of our time, - it was said in the information. - Workers of the water-supply system answered questions about who and where cut wood that they did not know. Meanwhile the building of the water-supply system actually is a base for the woodcutting brigades, and the workers could not be uninformed about who and where deforested”.

As a whole, the ecologists consider, the edition of the order # 61 could be named as a serious step to protection of the nature of the World natural heritage if there was not the fact that, besides, signing of the document was extremely late.

In April, 2008, they remind, after the visit to Northern Caucasus of the UNESCO mission and the International Union of Wildlife management (IUWM) the decision on a suspension of deforestation in the territory of the heritage was made. And then it was necessary for Adygeya woods management to adopt the order.

After the mission’s visit any real measures directed on cancelling illegally planned deforestation, were not undertaken, and for several months the mass deforestation in those territories were restarted. And they proceeded in the same destructive course, as before - with irreplaceable damage to the wooded landscapes, with rough infringements of the wood legislative norms.

Then public organizations NABU-Caucasus and the Ecological Watch across Northern Caucasus focused attention of the wide public to the problem again, having addressed for the nature protection to the law enforcement bodies with the purpose of discontinuance of those facts of deforestation. In parallel there was a negotiating process of the "greeners" with Adygeya woods management which, in the Ecological Watch’s opinion, since June of this year, began looking for forms of constructive interaction.

As to the essence of the order # 61 it, as the ecologists suppose, practically completely corresponds to necessary requirements. So according to the order the decisions directed on acceleration of the process of creation in the territory of the natural heritage of a new especially protected natural territory – “Psheha-Tsitsinsky Natural Park” – were made.

Including, it was decided “to organize a meeting concerning maintenance of safety of the natural complexes of the object of the World natural heritage "Western Caucasus" in the territory of Adygeya Republic with participation of representatives of all the interested republican and the federal state bodies, as well as public organizations till December, 1st, 2008”.

It is also planned “to lead necessary coordination for signing of the contract on forming Psheha-Tsitsinsky Natural Park within the limits of Tsitsinsky local forest area”, “to prepare offers to Adygeya Government about adoption of decision concerning reservation of the lands with a view of creation Psheha-Tsitsinsky Natural Park".

“Negotiations on creation of Psheha-Tsitsinsky natural park between the Ecological Watch across Northern Caucasus and Adygeya woods management are on since June, 2008, - the ecologists explained. - And on July, 2nd this initiative was supported by the minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia Jury Trutnev during his meeting with representatives of the public ecological organizations.

Let's note, earlier “Caucasian unit” had informed that on July, 13th, 2007 the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov signed the decree # 181 “About recognition invalid of the decree of the Adygeya Republic president from December, 23rd, 1997 # 274 “About making of riverheads Tsitse, riverheads of the rivers Pshekha and Pshekhashkha nature sanctuaries of republican value”.

Construction of a road to a mountain-skiing complex on Lunar glade located within the limits of the Caucasian reserve in the territory of Adygeya was started after that decree’s signing. That construction owing to the ecologists’ efforts has been stopped. Nevertheless, the roadbed crossed the nature sanctuary “the riverheads of the rivers Pshekha and Pshekhashkha” and touched the security zone of the natural reserve.

Thus, the virgin wood, which inaccessibility was provided with a deep gorge, appeared to be unprotected not only from the legalized deforestation, but also from frankly poacher ones.


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