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So, what can the Kremlin offer Adygeya? Let's consider just two variants for this time.

They can tell the republican leadership: there are, certainly, some flaws in your work, but we understand your difficulties and we shall help, first of all, with money. As far as you are near the Olympic capital of Russia where the winter Olympiad is planned.

It is also possible the following statement of the question: your present team does not cope with the problems assigned to it, so let’s replace it. If we had not paid attention to it earlier, now we have the crisis and our preparations for the Sochi Olympiad.

The first position is what the elite of the local administration would like to achieve. It just needs to convince the Kremlin that this time it would adequately dispose of the allocated federal money. But except for the money if to speak about the Olympiad, the local administration also needs the ready decision.

In general in relation to the opportunity of involving of the territories of Adygeya as building sites for the Olympiad-2014 the situation appears to be extremely bad. For today there are not such building sites, and in the long term - there cannot be. Adygeya does not cope with already existing stream of the sledgers and skiers, as the turns of cars sometimes achieve the length of 40 kilometers. What could they do with the stream from all over the world?

On the other hand, ecologists defeat builders of the Olympic objects in Sochi and defeat. In fact they are not just local young men wearing the worn jeans - they appeal to the UNESCO and even higher - to the United Nations. Therefore the Kremlin should think of Adygeya as about a reserve platform for rescue of the Olympic construction.

However people in the worn jeans work not only in Sochi, but also here, in Adygeya - and with not smaller enthusiasm. And they got their victories in the republic not worse at all. However, in Adygeya they simultaneously offer the republican government a form of co-operation, certainly, such which would not put harm to the nature.

For the UNESCO, the United Nations the opinion of the local authorities is much more important than, say, the federal one. Therefore recently their representatives had lead two forums in Maykop. First of them took place in October, 2007 “Prospects of Development of Especially Protected Natural Territories and Tourism in Northern Caucasus”. The forum “Ecotourism Development in the Territory of the World Natural Heritage “the Western Caucasus” was convoked in June of this year.

At the first of them the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov was represented by the Prime Minister Vladimir Samozhenkov, at the second one – the vice-premier Alexey Petrusenko. Both times the dialogue did not take place actually. And not because of the status of the officials did not allow it - they had not been given corresponding powers. And how could they have been given such powers, when ecologists are the "enemies" of the Kremlin, and here - Maykop have conversations with them.

As a result both of the times the visitors enthusiastically had responded about the nature of Adygeya, “have twirled the nuts” and left.

Moscow in any way would not like negotiations of Maykop with such visitors. But also the Kremlin could not point to any ready positive decision of the international institutes. Therefore, if the federal center is going to continue cooperation with the team of Adygeya administration it will talk, most likely, about that the Olympic construction should be conducted "at any cost".

The second position (about displacement of the present republican administration) seems to be more plausible. We can remember at once, what all that had began with. The president of Russian Federation received Aslan Tkhakushinov in Moscow and actually chided him. At the same meeting the owner of the Kremlin told that they would hold in Adygeya a session of the State Council of Russian Federation. Therefore it would be logical to think: would he really arrive to Adygeya only to scold and support with money?

Here as an example we can offer “scandal’ with which the prime minister of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin made “to oligarch Oleg Deripaska” arranged on June, 5th in Pikalevo. The authorities of Leningrad region were criticized in that incident, too. However, only "a little". And the whole stage looked as a quickly prepared farce.

But we will be visited by not the federal prime minister, and the president of Russia, and that, you might agree, is more serious. And, we shall repeat, Dmitry Medvedev with the State Council of Russian Federation will arrive.

In other words, "beating" of the Adygeya republican authorities, and for the parity the town authorities, too (Maykop mayor is under investigation) seems to be possible. However, it does not mean that it is necessary to wait for full recurrence of ‘Pikalevo’s script’. For example, there is a problem with oligarchs in Adygeya - here it is possible to find, perhaps, only Jury Luzhkov. And Moscow mayor is simultaneously an oligarch and “political heavyweighter” against whom it is better to not collide.

But there are quite enough reasons for such moods in the Kremlin. For example, during the ruling of the vice-premier Dmitry Medvedev Aslan Tkhakushinov had personally told the present head of the state that in Adygeya there had been 50 investment projects prepared, the most part of which concerned the sphere of tourism. Today, as it became obvious, still none of those projects works. And in relation to their readiness the words of the head of the republic appeared to be an exaggeration, and “in especially large sizes”.

At the same time it is the extremely doubtful is that president Dmitry Medvedev considers possible organization of such "beating" with participation of the State Council of Russian Federation. All the same Aslan Tkhakushinov’s colleagues - the heads of the regions - are in the structure of the Council. So some solidarity can work. But displacing the head of the region by the president of Russian Federation can make decision without any help. That reduces our reasonings under the second version to senselessness.


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