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The XIV congress of the social movement “Adyghe Khasa”, held in the hall of the Pushkin house in Maykop on June, 27th, gathered 355 delegates, participated in it and about 60 invited. The congress made a decision to have a number of changes in the charter - for example, now the powers of the Council and the chairman of the organization are reduced to 3 years. Besides the head of the organization cannot be elected for that term more than two times successively.

“Any team, no matter how progressive it could be in the beginning of its activity, - the head of the organization Arambiy Hapay told in that occasion, - having realized the opportunities, should concede the new one. We have one year left, and we make these changes to not become a handicap to the further development”. Therefore, as he said, for now it is necessary to think of those who would come in the stead to “Adyghe Khasa” leadership.

In his report Arambiy Hapay noted that now the organization is again structured from its top to the bottom. In the settlements there are initial units created, they are incorporated into the district, and so on. But its head supposed as a special merit of the organization the fact that in Maykop there is construction of a monument Circassian (адыгскому) to people having been started.

“The base of the monument is constructed by May, 21st, - he reminded, - Now its construction is suspended, but before the congress we had met with the Adygeya president Aslan Tkhakushinov who assured the delegation “Adyghe Khasa” that the monument would be ready to the Day of Republic in 2010”.

The leader of the organization underlined as one of the main moments the way of filling the census questionnaires by representatives of the indigenous population of Adygeya. In the column "nationality" they recommended to write the outer-name and the self-name - "Circassian", “Adyghe”. “Such decision was adopted by the Council of our organization”, - he told.

In the speeches the orators of the congress mentioned the unsatisfactory knowledge by Adygs their native language. That, in the orators’ opinion, depends on many factors - first of all from the native language’s using in families, studying at school.

It was sounded criticism to the address of both Krasnodar scientists - historians, and the local ones which deform the history, describe Kuban as an empty territory and in the best variants just mention Greeks, Scythians, Tatars, but not Circassians.

As an example illustrating the condition of the historical science, they used Vladimir Putin's words in an advertising video record broadcasted in the days when Sochi won the right to carrying out of the Winter Olympic Games of 2014. There the head of the state told that the territory of Sochi had been occupied by ancient Colhs. This ground, have But those lands as the orators reminded, before Circassians’ eviction to Turkey had belonged to the people not less ancient than mythical Colhs - Ubyhs.

At the congress the rough criticism to the address of the actions of the law enforcement bodies against Muslim youth of Yablonovsky settlement, aul New Adygeya and other settlements located close to Krasnodar was also sounded.

According to the member of the Council of “Adyghe Khasa” Khazret Chemso, militian units of 10-15 officers rush in the early mornings into Muslims’ houses, turn over everything from top to bottom and leave, sometimes, even having apologized. “For now as a result of these round-ups nothing is found, - he told, - But in fact they can find. How can the family know what each of such “visitors” throw in their house if they have such intention to do that?”

They also have the practice, he said, of "meeting" of the praying youth with employees after namaz pray right on the square by the mosque. Young men are usually put with their faces into ground, being searched, and then, besides having apologized, released.

In his opinion, while those actions are characterized as intimidation, force demonstration, but can easily pass in other phase - more rigid counteraction. “There cannot be, - he told in end of his speech, - that Moscow orders the law enforcement bodies to struggle with the religious extremism right that way”.

In the congress’ resolution after the unanimous voting it was stated the positive estimation of the activity of the Council of the republican “Adyghe Khasa”. The congress initiated carrying out of a round table with participation of Adygeya Government, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the FSB and the Office of Public Prosecutor with invitation of representatives of the Administration of the President of Russian Federation concerned the facts of people’s prosecution for their religious beliefs. The Council of “Adyghe Khasa” was entrusted to develop and coordinate with the Adygeya Government a program of the actions on interaction with compatriots living abroad. Necessity of renewal of the actions on organization and convocation in Maykop a Circassian economic forum was also stated.

The congress adopted the reference to the leadership of Adygeya, KBR and KCR in which it was offered to restore activities of Parliamentary association of the three sister republics and to develop a complex of the measures on their more active interaction in all the spheres of the social life.

The decision to address with the initiative of carrying out of public consultations of representatives of the public of Adygeya, KBR and KCR aimed on stabilization of the political situation and harmonization of the interethnic relations in KBR and KCR was adopted.

In relation to the population census in Russian Federation in the forthcoming autumn of the next year, the congress of “Adyghe Khasa” unanimously confirmed the adherence to the decisions of the scientific-practical forum “We are Adygs-Circassians”, taken place in Maykop in 1991.


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