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The chiefs of the investigatory committee at the Office of Public Prosecutor of Russian Federation across Adygeya had lead on July, 28th a press conference at which they told about the results of the work for the first half-year of this year. At the meeting journalists basically asked questions on investigation of the anticorruption cases.

The head of the investigatory committee Vasily Semenov answered a question on the course of investigation of the criminal case against Maykop mayor Michael Chernichenko that the department he heads has 8 cases against “persons of the so-called protected category concerning which the special order of legal proceedings and investigation are applied”.

In particular, as he said, investigation under two heads of the municipal administrations - Maykop town and Teuchezhsky area - is on. “These persons are protected by the law, - he said, - and in their relation there is a special procedure of institution and conducting criminal cases”.

Vasily Larin, the head of the especially important cases investigation department of the investigatory committee, explained that on the case of Chernichenko preliminary investigation which ending is planned for September of the current year has been organized. Then it would be sent to the public prosecutor of the republic for approving of the bill of particulars for the subsequent direction to court.

“As to the preliminary investigation, - he told, - naturally, in the view of the suspected person, necessity of difficult examinations and revealing of all the circumstances of the criminal case has a great importance for investigatory actions. And in the view of their objectivity organization of such examinations is entrusted, including to the expert institutions of Russian Federation in Moscow”.

The additional question on the second suspected - the head of the municipal administration - the head of investigatory committee Vasily Semenov also answered. As he noted, the criminal proceeding is conducted against the head of the municipal area administration Teuchezh Hut. “Circumstances of the case demand our special knowledge, - he told, - in particular, in the sphere of legislation on land privatization”.

As he said, the lawyer of the head of the administration had appealed against actions of the investigatory committee, however, those actions were justified by court. And now, when proofs are sufficiently proved, the litigation will be directed to court, too.

And the head of the investigatory committee said about the murder of the head of Krasnogvardeysky area administration of Adygeya Murat Kudaev (September, 2006). In his answer the question of the journalist the department head told that the investigatory committee works over the crimes of the last years, too.

As he said, investigation of Kudaev’s murder had been suspended then, but now is renewed. The criminal case is transmitted to the special analytical group created at the committee, and recognized as perspective. Nowadays investigation chose one of the versions, developed right after the murder. “However, while, - he told, - we can’t boast of something concrete, connected with discovering this case”.

In occasion of the incident of July, 5th in relation to the group of officials of Adygeya detained in the Caucasian reserve among which according to Internet mass-media, there was the prime minister of the republic Murat Kumpilov, Vasily Semenov mentioned that he had not add anything about what was spoken in those sources. On the facts sounded in that connection, the case is outside of the field of activity of the committee, he said. Punishment for the participants of the incident, in his opinion, could become just official penalty.

The question why the case about the car accident (on November, 4th, 2008) with participation of the head of Rospotrebnadzor in Adygeya Aslan Agirov has been investigated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, instead of the Office of Public Prosecutor, the head of the department answered that investigation is really lead by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but under the control of Office of Public Prosecutor. And as a whole, he said, the situation allowed to qualify the case as a transport accident which concerns to conducting the Ministry of Internal Affairs. We shall remind, earlier it had been informed that the Investigatory committee at the Office of Public Prosecutor in October of the last year had instituted against Maykop mayor Michael Chernichenko a criminal proceeding on part 2 item 285 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation – “abusing official powers by a person, holding a state post”. As the basis to institution the application of the chemist's network “Yunona-Farma” from Krasnodar region served. Under the application of the applicants, the head of the town interfered with the work of the network in the republic.

Concerning the head of Teuchezhsky area of the republic Teuchezh Hut the investigatory committee had instituted a criminal proceeding stipulated by part 4 clause 290 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (reception of a bribe in a large size). Under the version of investigators, the official had received "foreign car" “Lexus” costing over 2 million rubles in exchange for a land area of almost 88 thousand sq. meters. The market cost of that land site made 18 million rubles, however the businessman paid for it only 7 thousand rubles.

The car of Murat Kudaev, the head of Krasnogvardeysky area administration of Adygeya, criminals dressed in camouflage on September, 25th, 2006 shot him dead with Kalashnikov's automatic fire-guns. In Adygeya capital that day he had participated in the session of Cabinet of Adygeya, and the attack was committed in the area which he supervised. The basic version of his murder sounded then was his professional work. The Adygeya president Hazret Sovmen had named him as one of the possible receivers.

The car accident with participation of the chief of Rospotrebnadzor on Adygeya caused death of four people. Aslan Agirov – driving then - twice refused to let analysis of his blood on alcohol, and staid about one month in a hospital. The Ministry of Internal Affairs not once spent trassologic examinations, last of which suited the head of Rospotrebnadzor.


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