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Circassian congress of Adygeya prepared on October, 30th the reference to the president of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The letter would be sent the head of the federative state by mail. Correspondent of IА AdygeaNatPress informed on it referring to the active worker of movement Timur Kudinetov.

As he said, after discussion the members of the Council of the organization came to conclusion that the references planned earlier: to the chairman of the Council of Federation of Russian Federation Sergey Mironov and the minister of regional development Vladimir Jakovlev were not necessarily – the letter to Russian president would be enough.

In the reference to Vladimir Putin it was spoken:

"We inform you that on July, 1st, 2005 Adygeyan republican social movement "Circassian congress" had registered in the reception of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation the reference on the fact of the genocide committed by the Russian empire during and after the Russian-Caucasian war of XIX century against Circassian (Adygeyan) people, with the archival documents of those times testifying to the genocide. However ARSM "Circassian congress" has not received the official answer to this letter so far.

We would like to focus your attention at that the last 15 years of the governments and social movements of the three subjects of Russian Federation: Kabardino-Balkarian republic, Karachaevo-Circassian republic, Republic of Adygeya, and the public parliament of the Black sea Adygs (Shapsugs) - played the positive role in stabilization of the conditions in Northern Caucasus. In coordination with this course of action 50 countries of the world Adygeyan (Circassian) public organizations of Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Israel, Germany and other countries they live in operated. Thus, till now Adygeya ethnos acted as one of the stabilizing factors in Northern Caucasus and played an appreciable role in creation of the positive image of new Russia in the opinion of the world community, and, first of all, of the countries of Adygs’ spreading.

Unfortunately, all this work could appear vain because of some muffled policies of the federal center. The most active part of Adygeyan ethnos is youth - as in Russia, and abroad - can reconsider their attitude to the policies of Russia in Northern Caucasus. The events in Nalchik (where giving of the religious color to the happened is incorrect) are one of consideration of that. Under our data that was an act of despair and protest of youth against conditions of hopelessness and impossibility of economic and political self-realization.

An example of the erroneous approach within the national policy of the federal authorities is adoption of the Law on referendum in Adygeya Republic, enabling to initiate liquidation of the republic. At 24 percent part of the indigenous population the result of that referendum could be predetermined in advance. Thus they do not consider the fact that it can cause the protest of Adygs who after Republic of Adygeya’s inclusion in the structure of Krasnodar territory in the form of municipal formation would appear on the roadside of economic and political life within the new subject of the federation. Abolition of the status of Adygeya Republic will aggravate the situation in Northwest Caucasus, and also will change the attitude of numerous Adygeyan Diaspora, which considers Republic of Adygeya and Northern Caucasus as their native land.

Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! Today it is in Your forces to interfere with the situation and to change cardinally it. We hope for your assistance in recognition of the genocide against of Circassian (Adygeyan) ethnos and in support of preservation of the status of Adygeya Republic. That would be the essential contribution to establishing of historical validity; that would become the effective tool in resolution of problems of all Northern Caucasus".


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