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29 May 2010 - 17:26 pm - NatPress
the Source: cherkessian.com

On May, 22nd, 2010 public organization “Light of Khabza” summed up its work for the last year where the leader of the organization Kertov T. sounded the report on the actions and the done work for the period of his management.

The first action led by “Light of Khabza” was a round table “The First Climber on Elbrus Mountain”. They organized research works, a meeting with the descendant of general George Arsenevich Emmanuel - Andrey Emmanuel - who told about his ancestor and the first climbing on Elbrus mountain. He also presented the memorable book, with contemporary records, notes of the general and the other participants of the expeditions where information that the first climber was representative of Adygeyan people Kilar Hashirov, was written.

In August they organized a native action in accordance of all the canons of Adyghe Khabza. There was a feast, dances “Adyghe Djegu”. Then, at the organization of the first native action public organization “Light of Khabza” defined that at their actions there will never be any alcohol drinks.
“We consider that alcohol is a not existing key from a nonexistent lock and consumption of spirits cannot bring anything except for harm not only to Adygs, but also to any person”, Kertov T.T. explained.

Further the organization stepped on a new stage of its development. Cooperation with the RKNK in it played an essential role. “Light of Khabza” became a participant of the round table on the theme of today's problems of Caucasus, mutual interethnic relations where they sounded the agrarian question in Kabardino-Balkaria, connected with implementation of the Federal Law # 131.

For today the religious question is rather acute. Especially for youth which has not yet absolutely got stronger for real world perception, as not correct interpretation of Islam often aimed on youngsters. It is possible to tell that it is a global problem of the present youth that should be liquidated. “Light of Khabza” decided to incur such responsibility as assistance in correct understanding and estimation of Islam and the canons of Adyghe Khabza. In November it was organized Kurban-Bayram where at one table side-by-side both Moslems and adherents of the other faiths were sitting, that in its turn had proved the absurdity of the existing opinion that absolutely All the Moslems are gradually aggressively and hostilely adjusted people.

In February, 2010 it organized another native action. Unfortunately, it is necessary to admit the fact that the organizers made a number of mistakes which, undoubtedly, could have been seen in the action.

“Being the chairman of the organization, I consider this as my own omission”, the leader explained.

In April they organized “Adyghe zaehues” at which “Light of Khabza”, having considered the previous mistakes, brought necessary corrective amendments in its organizational moments. According to reaction of the visitors, and discussions in the Internet, to grateful responses, that action had an unequivocal success.

Concerned with that the people living distant from home, began forgetting the native language, “Light of Khabza” decided to organize lessons of studying Adygeyan language. The head of that project became Larissa Khadipash, member of Khasa, Organization “Light of Khabza”. The project was implemented with use of the material base of Adygeya Permanent mission in Moscow, and the fact that the management of the permanent representative several years ago had spoke about an intention to create such lessons, only accelerated the whole process. Using information resource of the organization, “Light of Khabza” could form literally for several days with the interested persons the classes of Kiahian and the classes of Kabardino-Circassian dialects. It points that such undertaking only for the good of our people.

On May, 21st, 2010 a Minute of silence in Moscow, production and distribution of the memorable tapes devoted to the Day of Genocide of Circassian people was organized.

“We should note that in relation to the memorable tapes some mistakes that we shall also correct in the following year for the 147th anniversary of ending Russian-Caucasian war, were made. The fact that in our work we make mistakes, alas, is not good for us. But comprehension of that our work is appreciated by people and always unequivocally positively met, only make stronger our confidence that we are on the right way. We shall study”, Kertov T.T. explained.

As to the activities of the organization, “Light of Khabza” has an office where department on search and selection of habitation for labour migrants, the legal department - helping our fellow countrymen with questions of the laws as civil-legal, and criminally-legal specializations, and, certainly, the employment department. They have an information portal, sites, a SMS-portal, an advertising agency working in the network, and other projects.

In the second part of the session, members of Khasa analyzed the results of the work and defined the basic priority directions of the activities for the organization during the next fiscal year. Then elections for the post of Khasa chairman on which participants of Khasa unanimously voted for re-election for the second term of the operating head of Khasa of Moscow “Light of Khabza” Kertov Talustan Tobievich.

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