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On November 23 in Adygea passed another convention of «Adyghe Khasa – Circassian Parliament» on summary report and election of the new Thamate (i.e. head) of «Adyghe Khasa». However, judging from the perspective of an outside observer, and in exactly such a position were put many members of the Congress, neither the good summery report nor democratic elections had been held. But there was something else, we can say, hitherto unheard of.

In Adygea passed a convention of the «Adyghe Khasa» – «role model» of democracy and opennessFor example, the report had to match the name of «reporting». However the resigning Thamate talked about everything, but only in general about the work done. Hereby he used an interesting excuse: who, allegedly, of those present would like to learn more about what the Movement had been doing during the previous three years should participate more actively in the work of the organization, that allegedly Adyghe Khase doors are open to all.

And here's another example. Before Adam Bogus went out to the tribune the head of the Congress Aslan Neguch announced that a summary report would be given 40 minutes. Thamate himself said already at the microphone that first he would read the report in Russian, and then, if required, would retell it in Adyghe language. However he spoke about 1.5 hours and only in Russian. A pledge to retell all in the second, and for some of the present in the first official language he did not return.

Herewith Thamate could not resist to not declare: well, allegedly, during his presidency, he showed a role model of exemplary leadership of Khase. And after he was re-elected, managed to accuse the head of the Council of Elders of «Adyghe Khasa – Circassian Parliament» Chatib Hunagov of exceeding the time allotted by the rules on the speech.

Oh, and let us give one of the typical passages in the style of one the best Adighe Khase leaders.

Particularly, Adam Bogus chided students’ unwillingness to learn, and hence of paying bribes for tests and exams. It is clear that this is really a problem, and, for example, despite its immensity, Khase is able to deal with it. But how is it going to fight with this phenomenon, if initially bribing is referred only to students, and there is no mention about the teachers taking them?

And what if the system is designed the way that it is the teachers who are the main absentees of lectures and classes? And what if it is beneficial for teachers to have with only know-nothing students? The report doesn’t answer these natural questions. But plenty of other «raised» questions were in the same style.

The election itself had its own problems as well. According to the organizers of the congress, in all, the mandates of the delegates could have 250 people, of whom came 165 people at the beginning of the meeting. So, frankly, the publicity of this forum was extremely low, perhaps the lowest in the entire existence of Khasa in Adygea. Previously it was considered to be normal when only the number of delegates was in average 400 people. So, with the capacity of 800 people, as a rule, Philharmonic Hall would turn out to be crowded.

At this time the hall appeared to be half empty. Nevertheless, Adam Bogus still stated that this convention is comparable with the convention of the nation.

And for comparison: «First of all, I would like to say about how many people responded to the problem of the Circassians of Syria. Everyone wishing to come the space at the Philharmonic Hall was not enough, people were standing in the aisles and in the dressing room they said that many visitors who came already after the beginning of the Congress, without finding a place in the audience hall remained in the parlor. And such a public response says a lot».

But we got distracted little bit from the main topic. So, going back to the election - some time before the executive committee of the Congress «Adyghe Khasa – Circassian Parliament», which recently often does not gain enough quorum at its meetings, outlined the last names of future board members of the organization. In all a list of new board included 45 people. It is these people will have to be adopted by the convention, and then they will choose new Thamate.

And so it was, with the exception of that not even all the members of newly formed Council came on the Congress - only 39. Also, Adam Bogus and Aslan Nekhay were supposed to compete for leadership, but as mentioned above, the elections were held with no alternative, so the result is 38 votes «for» and 1 «against» is only interesting in that at least someone was not agree.

Only at the very end of the meeting, the delegates of the congress, as if protesting against what had happened, began to require the introduction of new members to the board. Those members of the executive committee, with which it all began before the Congress, generously allowed to enter the five candidates in the so-called «reserve». And it was like to allow crying over the spilt milk, because it is not known if the «reservists» will ever be incorporated in the Council, the executive committee will decide upon.

In general, this «openness, democracy and just elections», which was demonstrated at this convention of «Adyghe Khasa» of RA is not observed even in the most closed and openly reactionist’s clubs.

Author Aslan Shazzo, translated Susanna Shazzo


In Adygea passed a convention of the «Adyghe Khasa» – «role model» of democracy and openness
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