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The left side of Khakurate’s street between Gogol’s and Gagarin's streets on the way from Maykop town center for several years is flooded after rains. And the whole fault belongs to one of the shop network “By Mikhalych’s” constructed at the street corner. About that "Youth of Adygeya” editorship was informed by the first readers of the newspaper - inhabitants of the town quarter.

To tell the truth, originally it seemed to us that it would be rather easily to solve the problem. To shame the businessman, to call him "to fork up", as, in fact, eventually, he is flooded, too. And if it would not do - "to press" him seriously and in all the respects.

However departure to the place represented a little bit another picture. Even from the point of view of nonprofessional. The line of Khakurate’s street in that place is especially high. It had been increased through the years and with each its layer aggravated the problem more and more. And if to consider that “down-hilled” part of Adygeya capital even without that suffers from under-soiled waters it should become obvious that the situation could be saved only with the rain canals.

“We are flooded very strongly, the water rises more than knee-deep, - one of the inhabitants of the town quarter Evgenie Lagudina told. – There should be something done to make the rain water go down. So it is impossible”.

“I have special top boots, I can not go without them in any way, - neigbour Lyudmila Bulova echoed her. - It is time to buy a boat. The tenth year I live here and I suffer from this. We had the Maykop town TV, they were shooting how we managed during downpours. They promised that everything would have been done. But they did nothing, the rain water stands nevertheless”.

“I live here since 1978, and since 1987 we struggle, - Galina Lagudina explained. – We went to town mayor, wrote to the public prosecutor of republic. The only thing they made - sidewalk was lifted a bit - being asphalted. They also promised to make a drain hole. They made. But that we don’t need a hole like this, we’d like to have a rain canal as it had been earlier to make the water flow out.

According to Galina Lagudina’s husband Dmitry, it became intolerable, when they had constructed a shop “By Mikhalych’s”. “Owners of the shop have improved the territory, have dug out a drain hole, - he said. - But earlier through Gogol's street under the road there had been a water pipe leading to the rain canal. It was removed. Besides the shop made an arrival to the repair shop, and the rain water from the street began flowing under houses freely”.

But the main thing that disturbs the tenants was that they heard that the shop plans to construct a washing for cars. “Now we shall not dry out even in summer”, - they are assured.

As Tatyana Plotnikova the shop’s owner said, she had suggested the town authorities to lay a water pipe through the street on her own. But they offered her to do differently - to dig a drain hole. So she did that.

As to the attempts to improve the position of the quarter’s inhabitants, she considers them unpromising. “The storm water drain, - she told, - is in a quarter down. Money for it should be allocated from the town budget. These are considerable means. And nobody will spend such money because of three families”.

Edition of "Youth of Adygeya” disagreed with the businesswoman’s conclusion. First, even a problem of three-four families (plus a shop) needs to be solved, though it would cost much. Secondly, such problems concerned only three-four families, and required great means are a favourite theme of a corrupter. It "is solved" in papers, and thus the money "are being laundered". And to challenge that by a small number of the suffering is practically impossible.

Our newspaper does not confirm that that case is the same. We only call the "interested" municipal departments to face the mentioned problem.

“Youth of Adygeya”


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